Monday, December 17, 2012

Never Enough Hours!

It is embarrassing to realize how long it has been since my last post.  Just seems like there are never enough hours in the week day for everything that needs to get done.  A lot has happened since last Sunday and now it is time to bring you up-to-date.   I decided to make a picture collage of the items I have received in the Advent Exchange for Days 10 through 17.  The pictures are in order so it will be easy to follow along.

Day 10 - I know this was really meant for my son and obviously he knows this too.  You can see in photo 1 an assortment of fun flannel fabrics covered with cowboy hats, cowboy boots, horseshoes - well you can see where this is headed - along with a pattern for a lap quilt.  Well you can guess - and is evidenced by photo 2 - that Keith took one look at the cowboy hats on the fabric and he claimed it for his own.   Not kidding he wouldn't even let me have the pattern to look at instructions for how to make the lap quilt!  You'll be glad to know that as the week has passed he is now just telling me everyday that I still have not made his blanket.

Day 11 was a cute little notepad which personally I think you can never have too many along with these adorable scissors and fob!

Day 12 was an assortment of things for Halloween.  Teresa must have been paying attention to my blog when I stated I had a witches hat tree to hang ornaments but no ornaments to hang.  There is a special orange and black project bag, the 2009 and 2010 Halloween issues of JCS (which I don't have) along with some Halloween fabric, some buttons and a pattern for stitching on towels.  Hopefully my tree will be fully decked out next Halloween.

Day 13 was a stitched ornament and I know this is a Sampler Girl design.  It is already hanging on my tree.  Included was a charm pack of Blackbird Designs Meadows fabric.  I do love a good charm pack!

Day 14 was a total unexpected and delightful gift.  There were 4 older issues of FineLines.  I've never heard of this little publication and there are some amazing designs in these issues I'm looking forward to stitching.  Included also was a boxed set from In The Company of Friends.  Never expected anything like that.

Day 15 was the cutest pincushion.  Yes those are pins that look like little flowers.  LOVE IT!  A girl can never have too many pincushions.

Day 16 was Stitch Witchery and holder.  I have to show my ignorance here as I have no idea how this is to be used.  I heard of it before but never how it is used or how to use it.  You can bet I'll be doing some research.  There is a little spiral bound journal which is just perfect as I used the last page in the one I keep at my computer just yesterday.  I use one all the time while on the computer for writing notes, orders numbers, wish lists, etc. etc.  There was also a pattern by one of my top 3 favorite designers Jardin Prive'.  It goes with the Sampler Bouquet that I stitched from this same designer a couple of years ago.

Day 17 was this wonderful drawstring bag.  I couldn't believe my eyes that she had actually sewn in a stitched piece into the bag.  I wonder how she knew I had this design in my "to be stitched" pile.  Seriously I need some classes from Teresa on finishing.  Her work is amazing!
Now here are my exchange gifts to Teresa for Days 9 through 17.

Day 9 was a needle case I made for her.  You may notice a theme running here that I bought fabric all from the same line in shades of pinks (her favorite color) to make the various items I sent to her.

Day 10 was this box kit by Lady Dot Creates.  It comes with the box, instructions and everything you need to line it.  I received one for Christmas last year and I keep my earbuds in it in the living room.  Maybe not its' intended purpose but I've never been one to conform to rules.

Day 11 was this adorable pincushion by BRD Girl (which is Belinda of Blue Ribbons Designs).  She has a great Etsy shop where she showcases her sewing  addiction  hobby.  This is my favorite of her pincushion designs.

Day 12 is a sewing pouch.  Okay, Teresa, I know it looks like a cellphone case and in reality it was the intended use of this pattern but I received one filled with all the necessaries for sewing and love that idea.  When going to stitch someplace other than my home, I fill it with scissors, a package of needles, my telescoping magnet, a small tape measure, a stitch starter, a hilighter, pen/pencil, etc.  Just whatever I need for that days' outing.  That being said - break the rules and use it however you want!

Day 13 was an array of pinks, purples and green flosses from Victorian Motto.  I love her over-dyed flosses as she does use DMC floss as her base and I find that they don't knot up and fray like many others I have used.

Day 14 was a lined project bag.  Again in pink her favorite color.

Day 15 was an assortment of fat quarters.

Day 16 was the pouch, pattern for design on pouch and called for threads to stitch it up.  I wished I had bought that one for myself.

Day 17 is a book by Bareroots with several embroidery designs and finishing instructions.  I also included a journal for keeping a record of her stitching projects.  It has things on it like design, fabric used, threads used, date started, date ended, etc.

At the end of Day 24 Teresa has another box to open with a few more surprises.  In this box is something that goes along with Day 8's gift and Day 24's gift.  I do hope Teresa is having as much fun as I am with this exchange.

Now on to my busy week.  I had a Malfunction Indicator Light come on in my car on Tuesday while driving down the road.  I had to check the owner's manual to see what that meant - decided it was probably nothing but said if the light starts to blink - well expect to be towed so thought it best to check out as we have the upcoming trip for Keith's dental work in Iowa City.  I was able to get it in first thing on Thursday morning but on Wednesday when I drove it to the grocery store the light went off.  Still figure be safe rather than sorry.  Luckily the cars are so smart these days that it stored the code of why the light came on and could see it was nothing major - most likely a gas tank seal not tight so they resealed this and checked a few other things so appears I'm good to go.

Yes, that is our new Camaro being loaded on a flatbed tow truck ready for a trip to our local service center.  You ask why?  Well, it was bound to happen at some point.  Bill has been systematically tearing the car apart to add all these "extra special" little things he wants on the car.  The latest was chrome on the engine.  The first side went pretty quickly with no problems but when he got to the second side it was a "little tight" space wise so he decided to unbolt and remove the oil dipstick sleeve that goes into the engine.  Chrome went in just fine then.  UNFORTUNATELY, DIPSTICK SLEEVE DID NOT!  He tried for quite a long time.  I took my turn at it for awhile and a friend with a Camaro took a stab at it as well.  No luck.  A call to service center said driving it down was not a good idea unless, of course, you wanted oil everywhere.  It would not fit on a trailer we could borrow so tow truck it was.  Keith and I picked it up Friday night and was told it took 2 guys to finally get the thing back in where it belonged.  At any rate Keith and I had a great ride home and I have to admit Interstate/Highway driving is not going to be a good thing for me in this car.  I can see how someone could be going 100 mph without even trying!

Friday was my book club's discussion and holiday potluck.  It was an enjoyable day.  I did not finish reading the books before I went but had read enough on the subject in the past to be able to follow and participate in the conversation.  I did not stay for the potluck but did participate in the book exchange.  Everyone who wants to brings a wrapped book that they have read.  If you bring one, you take one.  Unfortunately, the book I picked was one I had already read.  I will pass along to my dad as it is a mystery and he enjoys a mystery.

I got home from book club to find my hubby home from work and very sick.  Here is it Monday and I think he is finally on the mend.  He is hoping to head back to work tomorrow.  Needless to say date night was cancelled and I've spent the weekend taking care of everyone.

Just in case you think all I've done is take care of the guys and the house - well let me assure you I've been crafting as well.  I did make a couple of ornaments.  I stopped in at Creekside and picked up some fabulous fabric to make some placemats I designed.  Before I was done I had cut out enough for 12 placemats.  So far, the 4 for Bill's Uncle are the only ones completed.  I've had a lot of interest in my design so will be posting my materials list, cutting instructions and finishing instructions later this week.

 Off to Iowa City for Keith's O.R. dental work on Wednesday.  Prayers that everything goes well are always appreciated!

Until next time....

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