Saturday, December 8, 2012

What I've Been Up To Lately!

I have been very busy since last I posted and will have to warn you this post has LOTS of pictures to share.  I'll try not to bore you with too many details.  

First I want to take a moment to share a fabulous idea on My Heartstring.  Rather than the traditional Advent Calendar it is 24 books wrapped and stacked.  Shape looks kind of like a Christmas tree as the larger books are on bottom with the smallest books on top.  Each book has a Christmas or Winter theme and you unwrap a new book each day to read with the children.  I think it is an excellent idea to reduce the "frenzy" for children leading up to Christmas by opening a book each day.  Excellent family time built in to each day during the holidays!

Now on to my Advent Exchange.  Before I go one step further I have to comment on Teresa's comment left last night on my blog.  Imagine how touched and truly honored I felt to read that the tea set she gifted me on Day 2 belonged to her as a little girl.  It brought tears to my eyes to think she would entrust me with something so treasured from her past.  Words just can't convey how special I feel by her generosity.  Teresa, I will treasure it always!  

On Day 5 I received this beautifully stitched round case that the tops zips open and closed.  I don't know if Teresa made the case but if she did, I need to live by her to learn her many skills and talents for finishing.  It is so pretty! Day 6 was a Fiskars 4-Piece Rotating Mat & Trim Set.  I swear Teresa has learned mind reading.  It has not been that long ago I commented to my hubby that I wished I had a smaller mat so I wouldn't have to bring out my big mat when finishing a small ornament.  See mind reading!  Day 7 was a "Class in a Kit".   It comes with the chart, skein of silk and instructions for finishing the tuffet.    I can't wait to give this a try.  Also included was a needle minder in my favorite color "blue metallic".  It looks like it is made out of glass.   I really like the look of it!  Day 8 was this adorable little blue bag (again favorite color) and it is such a cute size and tucked inside was a charm pack of Christmas fabric called Jovial by BasicGrey.  I had looked at this fabric on one of my quilt shop trips out of town but ended up not buying as I had to narrow down my selection (you know I only have so much money).  I'm delighted as I wanted to have a second table topper made out of Christmas fabrics to place on my dining room table and am hoping I can whip it up this weekend!

Now on to what I gifted to Teresa.  On Day 4 I parted with one of my vintage bobbins and wrapped some pink lace on it that could be used for finishing on sewing/stitching projects.  According to the book I own on these wooden bobbins they were not valued and millions and millions of these bobbins were burned in the landfills (estimated 3/4 of the wooden bobbins made).    I think they are lovely to display with nothing on them or with the threads still found on some from the mills.  Day 5 was a Stitch Happy mug after all she needs a mug to place on her mug rug.  Day 7 was a BeadnHandy scissor holder with scissors, scissor fob and thread puller.  I love how cute it is with the little coffee pot charm.

I have also continued to work on various Christmas gifts.  Here is a "snippet" of a gift I made for someone.  My hubby was so impressed he sent me to fabric store to buy more fabric to recreate this item for us.  I know this is unheard of a hubby sending a wife to a fabric store.  Remember you heard it here first!  I also have this table topper on my work table right now.  I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend.  It is Battle Hymn which is a Barbra Brackman design fabric.  On this topper I'm opting to leave off the half circles around the edges.  I also picked up a craft idea using special paint markers and have made an ORT and a Snippet Jar for ends of threads.  I am using a special alphabet that I got online to make the x's that spell the words. It is a quick and easy little project.  I also received the candles from the giveaway I won.  I was surprised at how tiny there were as the pictures made them look much larger.  The small one is 4" and the tall one is 7".  I love how the design from the vintage bottles appears in the wax.

 Well, it is date night tonight so time for me to get a few things done before time to go.  Considering 2 movies and will have to let you know later what we decided on.

Until next time....

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