Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Woke up this morning to the unexpected pleasure of a SNOW DAY!  This means something different to everyone.  For me it means Keith is home for the day and neither one of us is leaving the house except for me to shovel the driveway and walks.  No rushing out the door to put Keith and on the bus and start running everyone's errands in the house.  It is a day for catching up laundry, drinking a cup of chai, watching movies, reading, stitching and just enjoying being at home.  It has quit snowing (5" later) and now the sun is shining brightly but the temperature has dropped dramatically and the wind is just howling!

Yesterday morning I put the last stitches in Christmas Tree by Primitive Hare.  After all the thoughts on how to finish this design I thought it so lovely that it must be framed.  I stopped in at the frame shop yesterday morning while out running errands.  After trying several frames it was narrowed down to the two you see in these pictures.  They are very different looks and each have their own appeal.  One definitely represented more of the look I was going for so it is the one I chose.  Can you guess which one?!   You will have to excuse the bad photos at the frame shop - don't know why it looks like there is white line on the fabric as there is not.

Needless to say I couldn't wait to start on my next project but wait I did.  You see I ran into one of those can't decide which fabric to stitch it on quandaries.  Hubby and I had a good laugh after trying a half dozen fabrics I ended up back with my first choice.  Sometimes I need to just trust my first instincts and not over think it.  The project is Birds of Feather by With Thy Needle.  It was a mystery sampler back in 2011.  I have decided to stitch in on Edinborough (36 count) in Rue Green.  The colors really look nice on the fabric.  I'm using the called for Weeks colors if they were in my stash otherwise I've converted to DMC.  I actually did manage to put several stitches in the top border last night.  Looking forward to a bit more stitching time today to add to it.  I'm thinking it will stitch up fairly quickly as the count is only 173 x 190.  I have to admit this is the first time I've stitched with two strands on a 36 count but am liking the coverage on the Edinborough.

I have to share my find while walking through the office supply store yesterday.  I happened upon these wonderful highlighters that are retractable with a click just like ink pens.  I love that the tip is a nice small size as well.  I think these will become my new best friends.

Lastly I have to share that I really am enjoying getting some of my stash stitched up by not adding any new designs to it.  I will admit that it isn't always easy as every so often I see something I would like to have.  I'm being very disciplined and writing them down in my book by my computer on a "Wish List".  I will say that I did take a moment to look at that wish list today and crossed three of them off the list.  I do find that if I give myself a couple of weeks and then go back and look at the design I sometimes find myself saying "what did I find so appealing about that design".  If I find myself saying that, off it comes.  However, it I take another look at it and my feeling is "oooh I just have to have that" it remains on my wish list.  My friend, Harriet, suggested that I put a spot on my blog for a wish list so that family and friends who might like to give me a gift for a special occasion could.  I think that is a lovely idea and will work on that - must be sure that the only items that go on it are those "oooh I have to have it" ones.

Happy stitching!

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