Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!

Okay the excitement of finishing my bag has calmed down sufficiently to share a few other things.  You'll have to forgive the fast post of yesterday as I was so excited that not only did I make a bag but I successfully added my crochet appliqué and handles as well.  It was major for me!  Today I took ten minutes and made a zipper pull with a heart charm to add to the zipper on the bag.  It is officially complete now.  I really like the quality of the bag using the wool but have to say the iron on stuff I used  to give it some body did not adhere.  I might just make the bag out of fabric next time in which case I would put my crochet heart on a piece of felt and then attach to the fabric.  I think I would need to do this for the heart to show up nicely.  As Harriet asked, what is going to be my new Super Bowl project.  I do have something in mind.  I managed an hour of stitching last night and feel I made great progress on Birds of a Feather by With Thy Needle.  I have decided this will be my Super Bowl project.  I think it is looking pretty good!

I do have a couple of small projects I want to stitch - I'm talking hours not days to complete.  These are to be gifts and I want to get them done and get the surprises on their way.

In my hurry yesterday I did not get a chance to share that the deer came for supper on Friday night.  I have a couple of pictures but will admit the quality is not there this time.  It is tough to get a clear picture when your subject is on the move.  I counted 7 in all - does this classify as a herd?  I'll have to do some research.  Even after all these years when the deer come calling everyone in this house stops what they are doing to watch the deer until they leave whether it is 2 minutes or 30 minutes.  As the saying goes, we "stop and smell the roses" for a bit.

We had a family  movie night last night - Pitch Perfect.  Enjoyed the a cappella singing in it.  Amazing what they do these days singing a cappella.  Wow!  Do you know how many acceptable ways there are of spelling a cappella?  Many!  This is the Merriam Webster Dictionary spelling and the one my spell check accepts.

This week's calendar is chock full of fun activities for me.  Tuesday is a road trip with Mary and Belinda for some shopping, chatting, laughing and lunch.  Looking forward to this.  Wednesday night is my painting class where I come out with a completed project in 2 hours - Belinda signed up as well so am looking forward to a fun filled evening.  Friday is book club and we always have two tons of  fun at our discussions.  Can't wait!

For those of you who will be watching the Super Bowl enjoy those new commercials and for those of you like me who don't partake I hope you get some stitching or sewing done!


  1. I have a special DVD lined up to watch instead of the Super Bowl. And then supper at DD#1's.
    She is not a fan either.

    My project is Scarlet Letter's Mary Ann Hutton. Hope you have a great time on your road trip. I'll be in a beginner's class for hand applique.

  2. I feel the same way when I finish a project, Lorrie. So excited, but I may differ in that I'm also quite surprised at myself, too! I did not grow up a 'Crafty Girl', so this phase in my life is new and exciting and fun! I think your bag it really neat, and I especially like the lining fabric-very pretty. The sparkly charm and crochet heart just add that extra something-something-Well Done!

  3. That zipper pull adds just the right touch! Lovely! And Birds of a Feather is coming along great. Bet you enjoyed adding that burgundy color in!

    I'm sure you had fun on that road trip! And look forward to seeing what you make at that class, too.


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