Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm Thinking Stash Reduction!

We are enjoying a beautiful sunny day here today.  Temps are in the 20's and the winds are not quite as gusty as yesterday.  My car got so filthy from the snow yesterday morning that I made a stop at the carwash on my way home from running errands.  Once home wiped it all down and it just "sparkles" in the sun - no it really does as it has metallic in the paint.  It was a bit chilly out there wiping it down but hubby can't stand it if you wash it and don't wipe it down so I try not to drive him crazy every time I wash it.

I managed a couple of hours of stitching last night and am making rapid progress on Mirabilia's #49 Gathering Eggs.  I'm looking forward to seeing this one completed.

I have to say I think it is time for another stash reduction of patterns and fabric.  I was looking for a particular piece of fabric that I knew I had and it took me going through my stash 4 times before I finally found it.  Me thinks it is time to let some designs go that I know I am never going to stitch and fabrics that I find I don't like to stitch on.  So be watching for a new header with a listing of patterns and fabrics I will be letting go.  Who knows you might just find something you've been looking for.


  1. Hey Lorrie, if you are thinking of selling the BOAF Birth Announcement I am interested!

  2. I am thinking of getting rid of some of my books, I have so many in my stash but I use most of my fabric. I have cut way back on buying magazines since Pinterest. I find so much on that site it is like getting a new magazine every day. We just had another snow storm yesterday, so much for it being spring today. Well thank you for leaving me a message on my blog and I will enter your name to the hat


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