Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A New Start!

Well I thought I was going to start 2 new projects yesterday but I was enjoying this one so much that I just stuck with it.  This is a Primitive Hare design called One Soul One Earth.  I have provided a link to Isabella's Etsy Shop as she has some lovely designs.  I find there is something "magical" about them that just begs them to be stitched.  At the rate I'm going on this one it too might be done in just a few days.

I am using the called for colors and am stitching it on a scrap piece (otherwise known as ornament cut) of Lakeside Linen in 36 count.  I call it a scrap piece as I usually stitch BAP so this is just a small project for me.  No idea what the color is as there were just an array of pieces in a package sold at this shop.  

I was reading comments yesterday about my little Pa and Ma (design by Nathalie) and I have to say I agree with Teresa that stitching on 32 count over 1 can be difficult.  I find my favorite over 1 stitching for a big project is 25 count but I can get through it on 28 count if I need to for the perfect fabric color.  However, on a project this small (stitch count 57H by 57W) I find that I can stitch over 1 on any count up to 45.  Truth be told I would have stitched this on 45 count had I been able to find my 45 count fabrics.  Me thinks it might be time to do a little organizing in my stitching stash.  

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with stitching 2 threads over 2 threads and on some projects I prefer it but there is something about the look of 1 over 1 that I find very appealing. I think it is the dainty feel to it not to mention my stitches have a more even tension to them over 1.  It also saves me a ton of money when it comes to framing my big projects.

I have spent the entire winter season this season looking for a new black turtleneck in a sweater version.  It has seemed like this is the year they forgot to manufacture black turtlenecks in any form let alone a sweater version.  I was walking through a store yesterday and guess what caught me eye on a clearance rack - yes the elusive black turtleneck in sweater form.  A true stroke of luck as not only was it on clearance but was in my size.  I had actually given up looking for this season.  Funny how that works!  

Housework calls.  Happy Stitching!

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