Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just a Quick Bit!

We are enjoying a beautiful day here today in Iowa.  My front flower bed is springing to life and am looking forward to my colorful tulips and bleeding hearts blooming in the next few weeks.  The green is there but still some growing to do before we are at bloom stage.  Hubby put out the water fountains in front and back and on these warmer days we've had it is so relaxing when the window is open listing to the water in them.

Today is the start of my hubby's golfing season as his home course is having their first tournament today.  It started a bit foggy this morning but the sun appeared as he was leaving for the course with the neighbor who is part of his team so am anticipating they will have a wonderful afternoon.

Keith has decided to play his Wii golf game and watch a bit of baseball so he is loud and boisterous and I wouldn't want it any other way.
I did get some stitching time in last night and as soon as I finish this post will be picking up my Isabelle Vautier piece while doing laundry.  What a relaxing way to spend my Sunday afternoon.  After all ...after six days of work Sunday should be a day of worship, rest and rejuvenation.

I've noticed with the announcement of Google Reader closing many of you have decided to use Bloglovin as their place to keep up to date on the blogs you follow.  FYI: For those of you who are users of iPads and iPhones (like I am) and if you have the  app Flipboard (as I do) to follow my newsfeeds, Etsy, Facebook, NPR Books, etc.  You can also subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and view them on your Flipboard.  For those blogs listed in your blogroll it is as simple as logging into your flipboard account and signing into your Google Reader.  

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