Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wet Wednesday!

 We've gone from this beautiful, warm sunny day on the left to a week of rainy, cool and dreary days.   In the "pro" column we do need the rain and can already see the benefit to my flower beds where the earth is no longer cracked from being so dry.  In the "con" column by the time I had returned home from running errands my jeans were wet 6" up from the bottom.  Just wicking up the water as I walk.
I just had to post this picture of the tree out back.  Each morning when I look this tree has been stripped a bit more of its' bark.  I figure it must be an animal and it seems to only attack it during the overnight hours.  Any ideas!?
I've borrowed my mom's recipe box and recipe binder from my dad.  A few years ago I published a book of mom's recipes and gave them to my sister-in-laws and niece for Christmas.  I knew I should have purchased mine at the same time but figured I would add a few more recipes and pages to it before I did.  Fast forward a software upgrade which deleted the book and now I must start over.  I am now trying to decide if I want to create it through iPhoto again or if I want to just create a new blog of the recipes and print a book like I do with this blog.  In the "pro" column for iPhoto it keeps the recipes in family.  In the "con" column the price will be higher and I can't configure it as easily.  In the "pro" column for the blog it is so much easier to format and add photos and the price is so much less.  In the "con" column the family recipes would become public.  Decisions, decisions.

Decided it was time to give a more thorough update on my Isabella Vautier piece called Il'etait une Fe'e.  I'm using a dollar bill to give you a visual reference for the stitched size.  The stitch count on this piece is 90 Wide by 244 Height.  I have currently stitched 3/4 of the way through the design.  I am stitching this design on 25 count Spun Silver fabric and believe it is Jobelan.  It only takes 2 colors of floss and I am using the called for DMC 3733 and 150.  I do have a frame in mind for the piece that I think would be perfect but in order to use this frame I think it would need a wood fillet in a color of one of the flosses.  My framer has never used fillets so don't know if they would be willing to order for this piece or not.  Mmmmm!  I think I will email and ask the question and if not maybe I can order from somewhere and they would install.  I would use one of the other framers in town but I will admit to being somewhat picky about my pieces being mounted straight (I enter in the State Fair competition) and this is the only place I get this 100% of the time.

I shouldn't admit this but started book number 5 yesterday.  I'm actually making rapid progress through them all.  I will say they must all have a very different topic in order to keep them all straight which these all do.  If not, having 5 books going at the same time with the same topic would be just asking for trouble.

Tonights supper - a pot of white chili.   Perfect for a cold rainy day!  You will find this recipe along with a Chicken Pot Pie recipe I tried on Sunday and the family adored under the Recipe tab.   

UPDATE:  I started a cooking blog for recipes and my adventures in the kitchen.  It is A Stitcher's Snippets Cooking.   I decided I would collect my favorite recipes from mom here to make into a book.  After I get those finished I will continue adding my own.  

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