Friday, January 31, 2014

Closing in Quickly on Another Finish!

I've downloaded a new app on my computer to make photo collages and I'm having so much fun learning how to use it.  I have taken a photo each and every time I stitch on a project.  As my current project is such a small project, it seemed the perfect candidate to learn the new app using those photos.  This is Fond Hearts by Blackbird Designs.  I have used the photos from my first five stitching sessions.  I used a photo in the background of some fabrics I had purchased on a road trip.     

Today I figured out how to change the size of each photo as well as the orientation of the photo on the page.  Can't wait to see what I figure out next.

You wonder why I like to take photos after each stitching session.  Let me tell you on a project as big as this one was (Village Sous la Neige buy A Mon Ami Pierre 255W x 118H stitched on 28 count 1 over 1) it was the only way I could tell I was making any progress at all.  I would work on it a couple of hours and think I did not get much done until I looked at the previous day's photo and could really see the difference.  
I will say to date this has been my most challenging and rewarding project.  I honestly wish I could find another big project like this that would provide such satisfaction.  Never fear I'm searching!
I am quickly approaching a finish on Fond Hearts.  Unfortunately, we are attending a hockey game tonight and am thinking I won't get a minute to work on it this evening.  Unless, of course, I forego sleep tonight.   I want to be wide awake when I start stitching the words on the right.  The words on the right do not line up well with the words on the left so I am going to have to adjust their location for the quote to flow smoothly.  It is not something to attempt when you are sleep deprived!

Still reading Making Piece by Beth M. Howard.  Yesterday I started reading the third in the Veronica Roth trilogy called Allegiant.  Making Piece is just not the compelling read I was expecting so need something to break up the monotony of it.  Still determined to finish it before book club early February.

Yesterday I decided to do a major clean to the house.  It seems I was in the mood for Spring cleaning early.  Even went so far as to take down all the curtains and launder them.  It was a tremendous amount of work but I did so enjoy relaxing in my stitching chair in such a clean house last night.  Next on my list - purging out all the things in the house we no longer use.  Clothes, dishes, knick knacks.  If it isn't nailed down and we don't use it,  IT GOES!

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