Sunday, March 10, 2013

Interesting Date Night!

Hard to believe but our warm upper 40's weather is disappearing for a couple of days again.  Somewhere along the way the current rain storm took a left turn and we are going to get 5" to 9" of snow here by morning.  I kind of wonder if we can blame it on hubby.  He bought the new snowblower but thought he could just store it for the Summer.  Appears it was enough to anger the weather gods and they are dropping another round of snow here to show their displeasure.  Don't worry he has gotten it back out and has it ready for me to use in the morning.

As you all know, last night was date night for hubby and I.  We love to see movies on the big screen so again was our activity of choice.  There we were sitting in the theater enjoying a movie when 3/4 of the way through a loud noise went off.  At first I thought someone had forgotten to turn off their phone before the movie started.  It was at the end of that thought that the recorded voice came on instructing us to head to the nearest exit and use the stairs and not elevators.  Yep, it was the fire alarm.  The lights came up and movie stopped running.  I've often wondered how people would react when faced with this situation in a movie and now I can say I have first hand knowledge.  Amazingly there was absolutely no panic.  Everyone grabbed their coat, purses and in an orderly fashion exited the theater.  No pushing or shoving and people allowed others to exit their rows and continued on after them.  The good news was there was no fire just a smoky popcorn popper.  They sent us all back into our respective theaters once the alarms finally quit sounding (another 10 minutes or so), rewound the movie about 5 minutes and we then watched the conclusion of our movies.  Made for a quick supper at the Food Court in order to make our next movie.  Our movies of choice were Snitch and A Good Day To Die Hard.  Enjoyed them both.  Snitch is actually based on a true story.  
Today was such a miserable day out of rain/sleet/snow that I decided to make a pot of vegetable soup and french bread to go with it.  I've included the recipe on my recipe page if anyone is interested.  It really hit the spot for supper tonight and have plenty of leftover for lunches this week.
While at my LNS last week the owner, Vicki, showed me an old Sudberry box that she has in the shop.  I'm talking it has probably been in the shop for 20 years.  She told me I really needed to stitch something for it as it is a box that you can no longer get and was in the Sudberry line for a very short time when it first was offered.  She knows me so well that I like to have things that are unique/different/ONE OF A KIND.  I came home and started looking through my stash of patterns and this Jardin Prive' design that I received from Teresa (AtWillowTreePond) in our Advent Exchange is just perfect.  The design size in the box is 5" diameter and on the 32 count fabric my diameter is going to be 4 1/2".  I think the colors will look fabulous with the cherry color of the box.  I started this afternoon and am making great progress.  I'm looking forward to taking it out to Vicki to mount in that box and bring it home!

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