Monday, April 22, 2013

A Finish!

It has been a busy week since I last posted and have accomplished much.  I heard there was colder temperatures in our forecast during the past week so decided to pull out a couple of skeins of yarn in my stash I've been wanting to make into scarves for myself.  I'm always quick to get them done for everyone else but tend to put things for myself on the back burner.

 I pulled out a skein of Circulo Sensual in burgundy which is the softest yarn I've ever had the pleasure to pick up.  Kind of has a feel like chenille.  I knitted this up in an hour on Wednesday and it was cold and blustery on Thursday so was able to wear it this season.

On Thursday I pulled out a skein of Circulo Tecido Trico "yarn" in floral.  You can see by the photo that it is actually fabric with holes punched through it.  The fabric is whisper thin (reminds me of the old headscarves my grandmother used to have) and is super lightweight.  It took a bit longer to knit as there is a whole different skill set for knitting with fabric and getting a rhythm going.  It is a bit awkward at times. It did knit up into a most beautiful scarf and am thinking I will be purchasing another skein in a different pattern JUST FOR FUN!

Hubby was not feeling well on Sunday so it was a quiet day at home.  In between taking care of he and my son's needs I started crocheting a ripple afghan for a baby gift.  I'm starting in plenty of time as the due date is not until September.  I love to knit/crochet baby blankets in white yarn that have confetti of blue, pink, green and yellow in it.  Works for boy or girl quite nicely!

Thanks to Jennifer over at FeathersintheNest sharing her knitting project.  I went online and purchased 2 skeins of Litoral Aslan Trends yarn in Vintage to make the shawl pattern they offer for free online.  The yarn arrived in 2 days time and received it Saturday - YEA!  Unfortunately, I needed size 17 circular needles and my set only goes up to 15.  Never fear I went to a local shop today and purchased the size 17 so will get a start on this sometime this week.

I wouldn't want you to think all I've done over the past week is knit/crochet so I will update you on my stitching projects.  We had movie night on Friday night (Django - a little too gory for me) so I stitched while watching the movie (helps to avoid watching the gore).  I was on such a roll that when hubby and son went to bed I continued working until 12:30 AM when I put the last stitch in my Isabelle Vautier piece.  Remember the stitch count is 244 H by 90 W.  Thought to take a photo with the dollar bills and quarters to give you a visual for size on 25 count over 1.  It is very petite and quite lovely.  Keith and I went to my LNS to see if there was a frame that would be perfect for it.  Big sigh as after an hour and 16 frame combinations it was just not to be.  I like to use them whenever possible as they do such excellent work on mounting.  I then went to another local framer after lunch and I had a frame in mind when I went in and the owner had the same frame in mind when she saw the piece.  It is a frame I've admired for a few years but never had the right piece for it.  Amazingly the dark rose DMC is a perfect match for this frame and can't wait to see it all stretched and mounted.
Now I've moved back to Be Thankful by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I'm hoping to get to spend some quality stitching time on it tonight after chores are done and everyone settles down to their respective evening activities.

I also managed a trip out to the Planned Parenthood Book Sale and yes - purchases were made.  I picked up a nice History of Cross Stitch Samplers book, a couple of must have patterns and magazines as well as a few books to read for pleasure.  

Hubby is feeling better today and was already scheduled off work for a golf tournament - lucky for him the rain stopped, temps have warmed to the 60's and the sun has popped out.  Son is at his vocational workshop so I started my week with lunch with my BFF.  We went to our favorite restaurant the Rolling Wok.  They serve Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese food.  My friend had an adventure today when she tried Pho.  It is a Vietnamese soup made with beef stock into which are noodles (rice) and slices of beef or chicken.  Holy cow they bring a plate of things like bean sprouts, fresh basil, parsley, peppers on a plate to put in as well as a 1/2 dozen or so sauces to add to this soup.  You would not believe the size of the bowl it comes in and she got the medium size.  You should have seen the large!  I wished I would have taken a picture.  She did enjoy the soup but decided it was best not to order again - took too long to eat - LOL! 

Tonight on the menu here for supper is Pepsi Pot Roast.  It is a recipe given to me by my husband's Aunt.   Feel free to head over to my cooking blog for the recipe at A Stitcher's Snippets Cooking.  You can also click on the Recipe tab in the header at any time as the link is posted there as well.

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  1. What terrific looking scarves, Lorrie! Congratulations to you on your cross stitch finish! Pepsi pot roast sounds intriguing so off to check out your recipe.

    Robin in Virginia


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