Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This past Sunday night was our date night when we had tickets for the Bon Jovi Concert.  One word sums up the concert and our evening out - AWESOME!  We started the evening at a restaurant called Legends which is by where my husband works.  We parked the car in his work parking spot and left it there for the evening.  We got to the restaurant in the nick of time as 10 minutes after our arrival the line was out the door and people were having to wait for a table.  We both enjoyed tortilla wraps for supper - YUM!  

From there we headed to the skywalk for our 20 minute walk to the arena - unfortunately my walk was in heels.  Did not actually regret that until the hurried walk back to car to get home at appointed time for the respite provider to leave - 3 blisters on bottom of my feet  OUCH!  The plus - we didn't have any traffic to fight after the concert by parking so far away.

We arrived at the gate to find they would be opening doors 30 minutes early - YEA - but that the concert would be starting 30 minutes late - BOO!  Amazing seats and the time passed quite quickly watching the arena fill.  People watching was fun!  The concert was over way too quickly. We are used to concerts where there is an opening act, a break and then the main act who performs for about an hour with a 15 minute encore.  This band played their hearts out.  No opening act and they performed for a solid 2 hours, left for about 5 minutes and came back out for another 30 minutes for encore.  It was worth every penny we paid for our tickets.  I would have to say this was our best "date night" ever.  Will be pretty hard to top.   My pictures are not the best as only had my phone to take photos with - all night long I wished I could have had my Nikon along.
 I did not finish my Isabelle Vautier piece over the weekend as I had hoped but did make some more progress.  Instead hubby, son and I went to the garden center and bought a few Spring flowers for planting.  We do love our flowers at this house and love the little punch of color they added.  Keith and I had a trip to Rich's for chai teas on Saturday and again yesterday.  Knew we would be out late Sunday and Keith would never go to sleep until we were home (a mom knows these things) so had him take Monday off.  I was so right!  It was a really nice and relaxing day together.

I did finish reading Gwenhwyfar by Mercedes Lackey.  I believe the genre is considered Sci-Fi/Fantasy.  I really enjoyed the story about King Author and his 3 wives all named Gwen.  I began reading Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight last night.  I find this book so compelling that I'm already 1/3 of the way through it.  I think it might be my recommend for book club for next years discussion consideration.


  1. Oh, your date night sounds like such fun! Your dress is pretty too.

  2. wow lucky you going to see bon jovi, i believe you when you say it was awesome - pretty flowers you bought, colourful and cheerful - Amanda

  3. It sounded like a fabulous way to spend an evening. Glad you enjoyed it! Your flowers are so bright and cheerful.

    Robin in Virginia


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