Sunday, February 7, 2016

Picture Catch Up


Today is Super Bowl Sunday and the guys in my house are Denver Broncos fans so they have someone to cheer for this year.  Be default that makes me a fan as well.

You can't watch the Super Bowl without wings so I made a batch for my guys earlier today.


Rather than have a gazillion pictures on this post I decided to make a few picture collages to catch up on what I've been doing since last post.  

The end of September we helped out a friend who was putting on a charity car show for a family who lost 3 of their boys in an auto accident.  I tell you those car show people are a generous bunch.

In October we attended the Bridges of Madison County Festival and Car Show.  There were 100's of cars showing that day.  It filled up the school yard on all sides of the school as well as on the street West of the school for several blocks.  It warmed up into a surprisingly warm day for October.  You will notice in one photo there are some unusual trophies.  They were made by an Iowa artist using old car parts, parts from car jacks, etc.  We were very surprised and honored to have won one of these trophies for our Camaro.  My son still has this one in his room as he loves it so much.  Someday maybe he will let us display it with the rest of the car trophies.

I took a couple of classes from Christian Photo here in town to learn more about my camera I purchased in July.  To that end I spent a good deal of time in October out taking photographs trying out all those settings I learned about.  I've learned it really does take a 100 photos to get just one that you feel is worthy of all the work.

I like what the Iowa State Fair says in their entry information page.  "Remember to focus on the ART of photography by creating photographs NOT snapshots.  It is much more difficult to elevate your photography from snapshot to art.  I am hoping to take another class offered by Christian Photo that shares how to take your photography up to that art level.  I missed the one for this quarter but am watching for it to be offered again.

Although I don't feel I am at the artist level with my photography yet I was still pretty pleased and proud to have three of my photographs appear on the local news during the weather segment.  I am going to pick out 5 photos to submit to the Iowa State Fair this year in hopes of getting one selected for display.  It would be amazing to also win a ribbon but that is unrealistic as so many professionals and amateurs alike enter from Iowa and other states as well.   Competition is fierce for the few coveted display spots. 

I have kept super busy over the Fall months.  I went to a couple of track meets with my friend, Launa to photograph her daughter who was running cross country.  One of my favorite photos is the group of girls before the track meet begins in their circle.  I again walked the Race for the Cure and this year I had company in the form of my niece.  It was also fun to run into my friends, Julie and Lacey there as well.  I attended an Iowa Wild hockey game with my husband and son, balked cookies, spent time hanging at the coffee shop (notice my friend, Launa sticking her tongue out at the camera).  I happened to have an eye appointment on Halloween and loved the skeleton in the waiting room.  It made me smile.  Over night the mushrooms sprung up in my neighbor's yard and I could not resist the photograph.

Thanksgiving rolled around very quickly this year and I hosted the family dinner.  There was a little snow that required a quick scoop of the driveway and then it was on to cooking the feast.  It was a delicious meal and enjoyed having the family together.  Bill bought a selfie stick before the holiday and Keith was into trying it out before everyone arrived.  He does a great job and takes some of our best family photos.  My great niece wanted a dishrag and got into wiping everything while here.  I offered a rag to everyone in attendance but had no additional takers.  My great nephew has such an expressive face and I love the look on his face here while he is watching his grandpa make the homemade whipped cream.

Christmas came upon me quickly as well.  I was busy buying and making gifts right up until the last minute.  I was so blessed this year that my friend, Launa brought her daughter, Maggie to help me decorate my tree.  Bill was so excited that he wouldn't have to help that he wrote in the frosted over front door to "come in".  I love this photo of Launa, Maggie and I where Bill captured the look on Maggie's face as one of the ornaments fell off the tree.  She was an absolute delight to have here and hope she will come back again.  

My older brother and I made our yearly trip to shop Christmas ornaments and had a great time.  You will see us taking a selfie with Santa Clause.  He was fake and for a mere $1,700 we could have brought him home.  I had some shopping trips with Bill and Keith and took a photo next to the lovely mall display.  I also snapped a couple shots of them licking the spoon/pan after making a batch of fudge.


Creatively I've been keeping very busy in the form of sewing.  I made a plethora of pillowcases each fabric chosen to exactly suit what the individual liked.  I love this photo of my great nephew who opened it and thought he would use it as his superhero cape.  I think I need to buy more of the fabric and make him an actual cape.  

I took my son, Keith with me to the quilt shop one day and everyone who knows Keith knows this was a mistake on my part.  He is famous for walking among the many bolts of fabric and choosing the ones he likes and letting me know just what he wants me to make.  This time is was Iowa Hawkeye fabric with many coordinating fabrics.  No it couldn't be something easy like a pillowcase.  Yep it had to be a blanket.  I cut my strips in a wider version of the jelly roll and did the jelly roll race.  I was amazed at how quickly the top was pieced together.  He loves it and is so expressive with his love of it that it is always worth the work.  

From there one thing led to another and I was asked to make a Mustang fabric quilt for the local Mustang club for one of the members having a baby.  Now normally a Camaro girl would just laugh and walk away but I happen to like the men and women in the Mustang club so I went on the search for Mustang fabric.  I think it turned out pretty good and I heard from one of the members that it was well received.  

Again one thing led to another and a friend had a top already pieced but was looking for someone to back and bind it into a quilt.  I love this family and just could not say no so I overworked my machine and put together another quilt.  

You see there is one stitching piece in the corner of the collage photo.  I'm still working on this Lizzie Kate piece and hope to pick it back up now that my sewing days are almost over for a bit.  Yes, I still have Camaro fabric to make into a quilt to keep in the Camaro for those cool evenings with the top down.  I also still need to finish my Christmas gift for my friend, Harriet.  Thankfully we are celebrating along with our birthdays in June/July.


I have tried an abundance of new recipes this winter and these are the only ones I managed a photo.  We really love the french toast casserole.  I have made it twice and am still tweaking the recipe.  I think I will have it right the next time I make it.  Of course, I loved roasted veggies and thought to add in brussels sprouts to the mix.  Believe it or not my hubby and son have actually ate some of the brussel sprouts which it think is a victory.  I have a deliciously flavorful and tender pork chop recipe that was given to me that is a keeper on our menu.  Still have a few more to try and am looking forward to that as well.


My family and I attended Camaro 5 Fest in Kentucky in early August and just before Christmas the book published came out.  My husband and I were so surprised to see 3 photos of car and family in the book.  It was such an unexpected honor for us.


I did get to spend a day antique shopping and lunch with my friend, Rene'.  She has recently retired and am looking forward to spending more time with her soon.  

I also got to go see the Wizard of Oz with my friend, Launa and her daughter, Maggie.  It was such a lovely evening out.  

On January 1 a few of us got together to finally watch The Wiz Live that I had recorded.  Now we have to do a viewing of Grease Live!

Bill picked the coldest day we've had this winter to want to make homemade ice cream.  It was an absolutely delicious summertime treat in the middle of winter.

Keith had his operating room dental work done that occurs once every couple of years.  Very thankful that everything went smoothly with this.

I will say we have had very little snow here this winter.  This picture of me operating the snowblower  is the only time I've had it out this year.  Mostly I just take the shovel and am done in less than 30 minutes.  Even once the broom was enough.  


This discussion is best left for another time.  My stitching goals flew out the window when my dad passed away last April.  I did surpass my goal of reading 50 books by 1 book this past year.  I set a new goal there for 55.  It might be a bit ambitious.

At this point in time my stitching goals consist of finishing Harriet's Christmas gift and completing two projects to enter in the Iowa State Fair.  I'm not even sure that is possible at this point.  I think I need to either figure out a way to take it to car shows with me this summer and cut back on the car shows I go to.


My beloved Aunt Marg unexpectedly passed away just before Thanksgiving.  Her love of life and family will be greatly missed.  I personally will miss her love, wise counsel, laughter and beautiful smile!


My family and I are driving to MN soon so I can spend a day shopping with my cousin, Michelle.  I'm looking forward to spending time with her and her family not to mention a trip to Stitchville, a quilt shop and whatever other shops the road leads us to.

We also have another trip planned for this Spring to CA to visit my husband's family.  I'm counting on a stop in at Quilter's Paradise along with the antique shops in Old Town Clovis.


I'm sure there are any number of things I wanted to share but have forgotten but if I think of anything worthy of sharing  I will do so later.  

Another goal - get back to blogging on a more consistent basis.