Friday, May 4, 2018

First of May

I cannot believe it is already May 4.   Experienced our first real signs of Spring yesterday with severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the area.  Severe weather arrived much later in the Spring this year than usual so I am hoping that means we will have a much shorter severe weather season.  

I opted to plant my flower containers 2 weeks earlier this year.  I know everyone keeps saying you could still have a frost before May 15 but based on the future weather forecast and the fact that I can move my pots to a covered porch or cover them I thought I would risk it.

This pic on the left is my little reading nook.  You can find me there most weekday afternoons reading a book whole waiting for my son's bus to deliver him home.  It will really look beautiful in a few weeks once the plants start to grow larger.


I have had a few finishes as sadly I have not been very good at blogging this past year.  Very few of these have I done any finish work on.  I will get that done sooner than later.  I did, however, take advantage of Vonna's (thetwistedstitcher) finishing service on a couple of the projects.  I cannot tell you have pleased I am with the results.  I definitely will be giving her some future business.

Prairie Schooler - Barnyard Christmas Ornaments

Lizzie Kate - Let There be Peace

Subrosa - Autumn Bouquet

I actually framed this one and maybe someday I will find that photo.

Brook Nolan - Grumpy Cat

I finished it this way.

Bent Creek - The First Fall of Snow

Heartstring Samplery - F is for Friend

Prairie Schooler - Santa Ornaments
Lizzie Kate - Rudy the Reindeer Stocking

I sent them to Vonna The Twisted Stitcher and she did a beautiful finishing job.

Backing on same items.

Not forgotten Farm - The Giving Sisters

Lizzie Kate - Tiny Tidings XXII
Plum Street Samplers - Bovina

I think there are a couple more finishes since I last posted my stitching but I will have to think about what they are.  I do anticipate framing some of these for my Iowa State Fair entries this year.  I have not yet decided which ones as I am still stitching on a few things and there are only so many classes to enter into.


I have several new starts and WIPS.  Here are a sampling of what I am working on mostly at this time.  

I know everyone is doing Stitch Maynia right now.  I just don't have the time to start 18 new things in May but I do anticipate pull out a few WIPS and also starting 2 or 3 small stitches.

Mirabilia - Gathering Eggs

Silver Creek Samplers - My Christmas List

Love, love, love stitching this one.

Little House Needleworks - Battle Hymn of the Republic

Bent Creek - Trick or Treat Row

Hoping all is well in your world - happy stitching.