Friday, May 31, 2013

Not A Thing To Do With Stitching!

I have nothing stitching related but a couple of things to share.  I took my photographs out to the frame shop yesterday to be mounted and matted for entry into the Iowa State Fair.  I did not let my picture not being picked for exhibit last year discourage me.  In fact I decided to take the staff's advice and enter the maximum number of 4 photos to increase my odds.  This is one of the photos I have chosen to enter.

It has been a wonderful Friday and great start to the weekend.  Hubby and I both got to do something really fun - it wasn't together today but me with the girls and he with the guys.  I started my weekend with a delightful lunch with my besties Belinda and Mary at On the Border.  It was one of our long catch up lunches filled with laughter and chatter.

Bill was attending the Principal Golf Classic that is being held at the Wakonda Club just a few minutes from our house.  This is the Senior Pro Tour.  He was located at the 18th hole and snapped this shot after Jay Haas just chipped in his shot.  A bit later he actually got to meet him and have a photo taken with him.  You can see by the look on his face it made his day!  It kind of worries me though as I actually know who this guy is - me thinks I'm watching too much golf with Bill.

After supper we hopped in the Camaro and took a ride with the top down as we finally got a warm day with actual sunshine and no rain.  Although flooding is still a concern for another couple of days things are looking up.  If you care to watch the video, you will see the high water right beside me as we are driving down the road.  Of course, Keith conned us into a stop at the Dairy Queen so he could have a strawberry shake.

For those of you who check out my cooking blog I've added my Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  I also did a bit of work on that blog as it had the bare basics on it.  You can now follow it so you will be alerted to updates.  Thanks Belinda for pointing this out to me.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Frame Choice!

Just got back from lunch with my BFF at our favorite restaurant and have a few minutes to share the frame I chose for Be Thankful.  I think it will look DIVINE when stretched and mounted.  Can't wait!
Of course, I couldn't wait another moment to start something new so picked up this little perforated paper piece that has been in my stash for quite some time.  I'm looking for a quick stitch (I need to feel that sense of completion again) before starting the LHN Sarah Street - Faithfulness.  This little piece is 70 x 70 so think it qualifies as a quick stitch.  This is my first time stitching on perforated paper and who knew there were so many steps involved.  Stitch all the floss areas first, then the seed beads and 5 beads knots before moving on to the bugle beads and button.  I'm not sure how I'm going to like stitching on perforated paper.  You have to be very careful so as not to wrinkle the paper.  After my disaster with ceramics greenware I can tell you I don't have a delicate touch.  Mom took my ceramics away from me and said it wasn't for me.  If I find perforated paper "is not for me", I'll be stitching my remaining 3 projects on fabric.

I also wanted to share that The Primitive Hare is doing a Prim International Swap.  You can check out the details on Isabella's blog.  Basically your buy her Prim ebook on her etsy shop.  You email her at with your information.  You will then stitch one of the items in her Prim book and finish it in some fashion and you will mail it with tracking in November to the name and address she gives you.  The designs are not too large and thought it would be a fun swap in which to participate.  If you like to do exchanges, this might be just for you.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day!

A little Memorial Day (Decoration Day) history.  A year after the Civil War had ended on April 25, 1866 four young women pay a visit to tend the graves and decorate with memorial garlands of flowers of lost loved ones in a cemetery where both Confederate and Union soldiers killed at the Battle of Shiloh were buried.  After decorating the Confederate graves they walked over to a plot where 40 Union soldiers were buried and scattered magnolia blossoms on the graves.  The news of this compassionate gesture spread.  Soon in many small towns throughout the country people were gathering at Civil War cemeteries and holding "memorial day" services.  Today Memorial Day is recognized as a day honoring all of those who have fought America's wars and is legally observed on the last Monday in May.

We take this day to not only honor the memory of those who so courageously fought for our freedoms but to honor the memories of all loved ones lost.

I've had quite a busy week this week so I'll try and keep this post to a minimum. 
I'm so excited that I have a finish to share.  This piece is headed to my framer tomorrow and I'll be sure to snap a photo of the frame I have picked out for it.  This is Be Thankful by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I stitched it on a 25 count piece of Lugana called Dense Fog over 1.  I made some color changes so here are the details.

Called For                                                         Lorrie's Choice

CC Bamboo                                                     WDW Amber for the flower
                                                                         WDW Whiskey for the pumpkin
CC Roasted Chestnut                                       WDW Rust
CC Sunflower                                                  WDW Squash
CC Khaki Mocha                                             WDW Tiger Eye
WDW Molasses                                                DMC Alternate 3031
WDW Moss                                                      DMC Alternate 469
I'm very pleased with how this one turned out and think it will be lovely in my Fall vignettes.

I also found took the time to cut out two lap quilts from my stash of fabric.  This is Blackbird Designs Madeira line for Moda.  I'm using the same pattern I used on Keith's last quilt (thank you again Teresa) called Crazy Eights by Bits & Pieces.  For those of you who don't know me so well you ask why 2?  I ask why not 2 - LOL!  I'm actually a person who likes to make projects kind of assembly line style and it is just easier to cut several projects while I have all my tools out.  I planned on making one of these for myself and I have plans for one to be a gift.  I'm also in the mood to make a few new pillowcases for myself and thanks to my BFF Allison (she just sent me a package with fabric to make 2 pillowcases and 2 ornaments from pieces she has stitched) I get to start on those this week.

Our guy was here on Thursday to do the pin striping on the Camaro - I just love the back striping and the new wheels arrived on Friday and were installed on Saturday - very shiny!

A few others things I've been up to over the week.  I've worked on baby afghan and it is coming along quite nicely.  I baked a batch of my chocolate chip cookies, a potato salad, and a meatloaf.   I will put the recipes on A Stitcher's Snippets Cooking on Tuesday so check out that tab in the header in a day or two.  I also found time to stop in at JoAnne's and buy a few patriotic decorations for my 4th of July vignettes as well as this lovely new yarn.  It feels just like a soft old t-shirt and can't wait to make a shawl out of it.

I also started reading 2 new books after finally finishing The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani.  I usually love her books but this one did not become enjoyable until 1/2 way through and then felt like not enough was written about that part of the character's lives.

I started reading Stephen King's 11/22/63 and it had me hooked before the end of the first chapter.  This book is about 850 pages long and I'm already 160+ pages into it as it is hard to put down.  I also started Dan Brown's Inferno and again was hooked within the first few pages of this book.  I do love a real page turner!

I am pleased to welcome Brigitte to my blog and look forward to checking out her blog as well.  It is so nice to share ideas with so many talented stitchers.  I get some of my best inspiration by reading your blogs.

Well I think that pretty well wraps up my week.  Expecting another short sleep night tonight as we have been experiencing thunderstorms through the wee hours of the morning here the past couple of nights and are expecting same tonight.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Closing In On A Finish

 I want to take a moment to welcome a new follower to my blog, Mary.  It is always wonderful to hear from another in our "stitcher sisterhood".  I never thought when I started my blog to do anything more than to share my stitching, recipes and life to stay in touch with family and friends throughout the World.  The added benefit has been meeting and sharing with so many other women of like interests around the World.

I'm closing in on a finish of Be Thankful by County Cottage Needleworks.  I've changed the color on the flowers in the top border from the bright orange in the 1st picture to a more subtle color in the bottom picture.  I just felt the intensity of color of my first choice just didn't look right so went to my LNS and chose a color better suited to the other colors.  I think the bottom picture gives a truer version of the colors of fabric and threads.  I'm much happier with the piece now and can't wait to put the last stitch in and leave it with the framer.  I have already picked the frame for it and will snap a picture of the corner piece when I leave it to be framed.

I've already picked out my next project to start and it is Little House Needleworks - Sarah Street - Faithfulness.  I have to again thank my dear friend,  Harriet for the pattern.  She stitched it up and so graciously passed it on to me knowing I wanted to stitch it.  I've changed a few colors in the piece and am using an oops fabric from a friend who dyes fabrics.  I like my oops fabrics so my piece is just a bit different from all the others out there.  Here is my fabric and threads all ready to go.  The fabric has pretty light base and it has a subtle spring green running through it.  I'll have to try for a better photo but the threads look amazing on it.  Below picture are my thread selections.

Called For                                                                     Lorrie's Choice

Toasted Marshmallow - CC                                          DMC 4160
Clay Pot - CC                                                                WDW Aztec Red
Cobbled Peach - CC                                                     DMC 3779
Hickory Sticks - CC                                                     DMC 4000
Sea Shelley - CC                                                          CC - Sea Shelley
Whatley Woodlands - CC                                            CC - Whatley Woodlands
Wild Berries - CC                                                        CC - Wild Berries
Sage - WDW                                                                WDW - Sage
Moss - WDW                                                               WDW - Moss
Maple Syrup - GAT                                                     WDW - Cocoa

I had my ultrasound done this past Tuesday and everything came back normal - no fibroids, tumors.  It is good news.  Still doesn't resolve my issue so have been referred to a GYN and will see if there is anything to be done.  Up side is that taking my iron supplement 2x a day I'm starting to see my energy level increase.  Didn't realize how utterly rundown and tired I was until I started having more energy as it was such a gradual process.  You will laugh as I absolutely hate doing housework but I was overjoyed on Thursday to have enough energy to clean my house from top to bottom.  I never thought I would enjoy doing housework but loved every single second of it on Thursday.  Even though I hate housework there is nothing I enjoy more than relaxing in a clean house so I do it anyway.

I have to share my hubby's latest amazing find.  You know you see things on tv and you wonder if they are as good as they advertise - usually not.  However, in this instance I have to say it is fabulous.  This little thing is called a pocket hose and hubby found it at our local home center.  He put a "y" on the faucet and the regular hose is on one side and the pocket hose on the other.  When you turn the water on, this hose fills up and extends into a long hose perfect for watering our flowers.  Added bonus is that it is so lightweight and easy to move around.  Once done turn off the water leaving nozzle open for water to drain out and it shrinks back up to fit in this small flower pot.  Watering just became a whole lot more fun and easy.

It is getting close to time to enter my stitched pieces in the Iowa State Fair which I always enjoy.  This year I am again going to enter in the Photography competition.  It is much harder to get something  picked to be exhibited in the photo salon as there are thousands of entries.  This year I've 2 or 3 photos I'm thinking to enter.  Again this is definitely out of my comfort zone as I'm very amateur in this field but you never know so why not take a chance.

Don't forget to go to A Stitcher's Snippets Cooking as I've shared my favorite marinade recipe for chicken and beef.

Sunday, May 12, 2013



I received this lovely handmade card from my son earlier in the week and it made my day.  I think it is his most beautiful creation yet.  The wrinkles you wonder - just part of who my son is and love it all the more for them.

I will warn you this will be a long post as it has been 10 days since my last and much has happened.  I'm dealing with a medical issue right now and am in the wait process for the next step to solve this issue.  In the meantime my doctor has instructed me to double up on my iron supplement so hopefully I will have a bit more energy until I get to the end of this whole process.  It has been a 1 1/2 weeks and it does seem I have a bit more energy but can tell when I do too much through the day.

We went out last Monday and purchased a new grill as ours had seen the last of its' good days.  We had replaced parts in it the last couple of years but it is now beyond part replacement.  Here is hubby putting it together.  Unfortunately, where the propane tank sits the hole is too large and a replacement shelf is being sent.  It is going to require disassembling of the grill to change out that shelf.  Grrrr!
On Tuesday Bill took the day off and we headed to the local greenhouse to purchase the plants for our decorative flower pots we like to put on our porch and decks.  We ended up planting 8 planters before we ran out of some plants.  I made a trip back to the greenhouse on Wednesday for a few more as well as a couple of heirloom tomato plants and a rosemary plant.  Finished planting everything yesterday.
Occasionally we are getting a day warm enough to put the top down on the Camaro and take a drive which we were able to do on Tuesday as well.  I do enjoy those days when the guys get home from work and we can just take a drive and stop somewhere for supper along the way.  A relaxing way to spend a few hours and I don't have to cook!  This coming Tuesday they are talking 90 degrees so maybe we will get a drive sometime this week as well.
Friday was the annual book selection and potluck for the book club I belong too.  I snapped a picture as the ladies were starting to arrive.  We had a really good list of recommendations and it was tough  narrowing it down to my 8 picks.  Each person gets to vote for 8 books as we have 8 different discussions during the year.  Ended up with a tie for book 8 so had to have a vote off.  You can see from this plate of food we had many wonderful salads, breads, desserts to chose from.  I took baked beans and you will find my recipe at A Stitcher's Snippets Cooks see the tab in the header.  I will add a tab in the header for our book selections for the coming year as well as all the other nominations which become our summer reading list. 
Now on to stitching updates.  On Friday I received my millenium scroll frame from the U.K. and am looking forward to putting one of my big projects on it (trying to decide which one as I've a few to choose from).  If you are thinking about one of these, I will share that I received an email and they've had such an influx of orders it is taking much longer than the 28 days they ask you to allow for the making of your item and shipping.  You pay a bit for the shipping but my item was received in 4 days time from when shipped and I received which is pretty amazing.
I'm making good progress on Be Thankful (Country Cottage Needleworks).  Keith and I made a trip to Stitch n Frame yesterday to find a new color.  The original color for the flowers was an ecru colored over dye but using 1 strand over 1 on 25 count you could not see the flowers at all.  I chose another color I had on hand but feel it is just a bit too vibrant for the rest of the colors.  I will be taking these stitches out - thankfully there are not many - and replacing this color with WDW Amber.  Will let you know how that works out.  While there I purchased the new colors put out by Crescent Colors and Keith picked out this lovely pattern by Imaginating.  He knows my love of snowflakes and winter so this is just spot on for me to stitch.  I also want to thank Mary and Teresa for the stash enhancement.  These are both items I wanted to stitch and they so graciously passed them on from their stash.  I can't wait to get started on them both.  So little time for so much stitching I want to do!

Well, off to finish my laundry and making of my homemade chicken and noodles.  Decided since I was cooking it was going to be a favorite meal of mine today.  Bill is out golfing and Keith and I have been watching the Harry Potter movies being rerun on television - that is until he abandoned me after lunch to do his own thing.  It seems they are allowing me some time to pick up my needle and do some stitching this afternoon - what a nice Mother's Day gift!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where Did My Warm Weather GO?!

This fickle weather here in Iowa.  We went from cruisin' in the convertible on Monday ......
to rain, sleet and snow and blustery winds on Thursday.  I hear this is to continue through tomorrow.  In my lifetime this is the first time I can remember getting snow in May.  April yes.  May NEVER!  I'm afraid it is going to be one of those summers where we go straight from winter weather in May to hot August weather in June and stay there all summer long.
While out on our drive on Monday I took a photo of this tower located in the NW part of town.  Can you see the butterfly in the design?  This was made using thousands of small tiles in various colors.  I understand it is a sight to see at night when it is lit from the inside.  I need to take a drive out after dark some evening just to see it myself.
I'm still making progress on Be Thankful by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I've not had much time to work on it this past week but did put a few stitches in last night.  I'm thinking tonight will be a great night to stitch.
With it snowing outside it is hard for me to believe it was time to complete my entry form and pay my fee for my entries at the Iowa State Fair Fabric & Threads.  Registration opened yesterday and I like to get it done early so I don't forget.  I also ordered my discounted admission tickets.  Let's hope it is not still snowing in August - LOL!

 I ordered these little "matchbook" needle books a few days ago and received them in the mail.  Aren't they just the cutest.

I made a delicious pork chop recipe for supper last night.  Super quick and easy to put together and then into the oven for an hour.  Head on over to my cooking blog for the recipe.