Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Little Sunday Decorating!

I saw this magazine cover of a holiday mantle back in October.  I was drawn to their use of the vintage wooden bobbins in the display and as I have a small collection I picked up the issue.  From that moment on I've been picking out things (both from my holiday decorations and while shopping) to include in my version of this display.  I created my display on my buffet as I don't have a fireplace mantle.  I could see this display on a side/coffee table as well.  This afternoon as the guys were doing their Sunday afternoon thing I decided to tackle putting up my display.  This is what my version looks like.  Thanks to my good friend, Mary A.'s inspiration I decorated my white tree in pink lights in my mom's memory who passed away from breast cancer.  All the decorations on it are ones we shopped for together.  I think she would love how the tree turned out.  The white ceramic Christmas tree  with all red lights is one mom made and gifted to me a couple of years before she passed away and it  is one of my most treasured holiday items.  I topped my large bobbin with a "Frosty" the snowman I purchased about 10 years ago.  There is a little cottage with ice skaters that mom bought for me as well as a snow globe she gave me about 20 years ago.  I added in a new white sleigh and reindeer and filled the sleigh with my own homemade pinecone ornaments (thank you Margo for teaching me how to make these).  In the background you can see my stitched "Christmas Village" and I sprinkled a couple of things under the tree.  Yes, that is a pair of ice skates!  I have to say that I'm pretty happy with my results.

Last night was date night and it was a wonderful evening!  Bill and I enjoyed a nice supper at On The Border and then it was on over to the mall for shopping and to see a movie.  Parking was a nightmare there last night but were lucky to find a spot 3/4 of the way down the aisle straight out the door we needed.  We've been having trouble thinking of the "WOW" Christmas gift for Keith and were delighted to find just the thing last night.  I can't wait to see his expression when he opens it up.  Mums the word until Christmas.  After that we had about 30 minutes before we needed to get the movie and spent some time watching the little kids sitting on Santa's lap.  It was pretty funny as you could tell when a kid was going to start crying from fear.  We ended up seeing Playing for Keeps.  It was an okay movie but not as humorous as the previews led us to believe.  Still had a wonderful night out.

Today is Day 9 in the Advent Exchange and this is what I received in my package.  Isn't it gorgeous!  It has been finished into a what I have seen referred to as the "cube finish".  It is just spectacular!  It is a perfect finish as I can display anywhere there is a flat surface in my house.  Mmmmmm!  Where shall be its' permanent home?   On Day 8 I gifted Teresa with a couple of wooden boxes.  She has made so many beautiful boxes and I can't wait to see what clever idea she comes up with for these.  

Well, I'm off to start supper so until next time......

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