Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 18 Advent Exchange

Day 18 of the Advent Exchange was this beautiful tea light candle holder in my favorite color blue.  It looks so pretty lit up don't you think.  My gift to Teresa on Day 18 was 3 fat quarters of Lakeside Linen in various counts.

I'm sitting here waiting for the phone call to give us our check in time for Keith's procedure tomorrow and decided to open my gifts from BFF, Allison in Utah.  When I brought out the box, I had a good laugh as I could see where Keith couldn't wait and had partially opened 2 gifts.  He made it through the outside paper but not the tissue paper on the inside.  He will be happy to see the results when he gets home.  I'm thinking I will be fighting for the owl doorstop.

I also managed to finish the Christmas gift for my older brother last night around 11:00 pm.  I was so close at bedtime that I decided to stay up and finish it.  This is the Prairie Schooler Limited Edition Kit from 2008.  I think he will love it.  He loves the traditional Christmas decorations.

I also managed to complete 2 more placemats this morning.  While putting these together I took photos for my step-by-step tutorial coming soon.

Weather here is taking a turn for the worse.  Started out all bright and sunny with pleasant temps and it has turned off cloudy, blustery and downright chilly.  Expecting our first snowstorm tomorrow late afternoon which could result in up to 9" of snow over night.  Praying for an early check-in time for Keith tomorrow so we can get back on the road (2 hour drive) and hopefully home before it hits.

Until next time.....

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  1. Love your tea light and the owl doorstop. Also your PS 2008 great job.good luck tomorrow. Drive safe. Hugs


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