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It is time for the last post before I put the computer away for the holiday festivities I'm hosting at my house.  I finally got around to wrapping the gifts today.  I wish I would learn to wrap them as I buy them but don't think I ever will until I set up a permanent gift wrapping center.  I think I'm destined to wrap all the presents at once on Christmas Eve.  I guess that is okay as long as I stock up on name tags and tape so I don't run out - LOL!  Now my biggest issue will be keeping Keith from opening them overnight like last year.  Based on this photo I think I have my work cut out for me.

I have so many wonderful memories of the Christmas season over the years.  It was mom's favorite holiday and she always made it so speical.  I remember as a kid the Christmas vacations when she would turn on the radio to the holiday music station and make homemade cinnamon rolls while we sang along to the songs.  She loved to go to what was called Flower City during those days and we would look at all the decorated trees and she would pick up favorite ornaments for the tree.  She also had some of the most beautiful lighted wreaths for the front door.  I can remember one year we had an all green tree, another all blue until she settled on her favorite of an all red tree.  I think that influenced my decision on my trees over the years.  I like the all white lights with red, white and silver ornaments.  This year's tree has multi-colored lights as we thought we would try it out but we are going back to all white again next year.  I miss her everyday but especially during the holiday season.  It isn't nearly as much fun purchasing Christmas ornaments without her.  We would be laughing over the year she was looking for mirrored ball ornaments and they were hard to find.  She had me down on the floor under the tree looking to see if we had missed any on the tree in the store to purchase.  I still can't look at a mirrored ball ornament without it making me smile.

Today was the last gift to open for the Advent Exchange so need to update you on the last 3 gifts.

Day 22 was this class in a binder for this scissor holder.  It comes with the pattern, instructions for finishing and the supplies to make.  I'm looking forward to giving this a try as I've never finished anything like this before. 

Day 23 was this lovely Longaberger basket with the Breast Cancer ribbon of hope.   My mom passed away from breast cancer and this is a cause near and dear to my heart.  I just love it.
Day 24 was a gift box filled with silks, trims, pins and a deck of cards.  Teresa, did you know that Keith collects decks of cards?  I can't wait to use some of the trims.

I have to say this exchange with Teresa was so much fun.  After I had initially agreed to do the exchange I thought what have I gotten myself into - how will I ever come up with 24 gifts for the exchange.  It ended up being much easier than I thought and had more gifts than days.  I shipped an extra box for Teresa to open once she opened her exchange gifts with the rest of the things I bought.  A piece of advice when you agree to do an exchange of this size - get a box to put things in as you buy them.  If you don't, when it comes time to wrap you'll be thinking where did I put that at - I speak from experience!  

If you have never done an Advent exchange, ornament exchange, or 12 Days of Christmas exchange - I would encourage you to try it at least once.  This has been my second exchange and it was a blast.  Like Teresa and I did just set up your rules for the exchange at the beginning and let the merriment begin!

Oh, almost forgot here are what I gifted Teresa with for the remaining days of the exchange.

Day 22 was a needle book.  I stitched her initial and made it into a needle book with pockets on the inside for holding scissors, etc.

Day 23 I stitched a Stitch Starter Sleeve (design by Blue Ribbon Designs) and included the stitch starter  ruler (also by Blue Ribbon Designs).  I love the fact that the ruler is see through.

Day 24 I borrowed this pattern from a friend - you see every time I came up with an idea for something to stitch as the big gift it would show up on Teresa's blog as her having completed it.  I borrowed this design from my friend as it was only available at a retreat and would never be offered for sale so I knew she wouldn't be stitching it.  I padded the bottom of the box and included a Just Nan Pin which goes with something in the extra box she received.

I wish you all a Christmas Day filled with the love and laughter of family and friends!


  1. Merry Christmas Lorrie - I just received those BOAF charts you sent me and want to say thankyou very much - I am itching to get started on them and will post them on my blog as soon as I do - Hugs, Amanda

  2. Your exchange gifts were amazing on both ends, wow! Hope you had a lovely Christmas day.

    Love, Harriet


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