Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bits and Pieces!

Well, we had an enjoyable date night at home on Saturday night even though I did the cooking.  We watched Argo and enjoyed the movie.  In comparison of movie styles is a lot like Zero Dark Thirty.  You know how they are going to end and feels a bit like a documentary but more action.  For those of you making Oscar predictions of the two movies I thought Argo better.  My reasoning - even though you know how both movies end I found myself on the edge of my seat at the end of Argo still waiting to see if they got out or not.  I wish I had been able to see Lincoln before Oscar night but am resigned that I will be seeing that one on DVD after the Oscars.

On Friday night we also rented a movie on iTunes.  This one was Cold Light of Day.  I was not expecting much but we wanted something to watch for the evening.  It ended up being surprisingly good.

On Sunday night I stitched up this little heart monogram (By The Bay Needlearts) and on Monday and Tuesday put it into the heart pendant to make into a scissor fob for myself.  I think it took longer for the glue to dry than it actually took to stitch it.  I posted a picture on my Facebook wall so now I will be making one for my brother-in-law (I'm assume as a gift for his wife considering the monagram he wants).  Nice when one of the guys in the family likes something I create.  
On Tuesday I went to my friend, Marty's house where she generously gifted me with a kit to make a quilt roll n go like you see in the picture.  This photo is hers all rolled out and lucky me I got to enjoy another look at what I believe is called "Moonlight Sonata".  It is just gorgeous!  I also got to see her completed Victorian Purse (Victoria's Sampler) and it too is just absolutely amazing!  I didn't have but a couple of minutes so am hoping for another invite back to see her charming house and many needlework items displayed when I have the time to appropriately drool over them!
Today I finally got to have my Christmas exchange with my bestie, Rene'.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch filled with conversation and so much laughter.  We lost track of time and she was going to be a few minutes late back to work.  Oops!  Rene' knows I collect vintage Sarah Coventry jewelry and she gifted me with this beautiful pink (pic does not do justice to color) apple pin and earrings.  It makes a wonderful addition to my collection. 
Enjoying another wonderfully warm day here today.  Snow has almost completely melted away.  Mmmm wonder if we will get one of those big March blizzards this year?!

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