Friday, March 1, 2013

I've Turned A Corner!

Well, I think I've finally turned a corner today with this miserable cold.  I'm actually breathing through my nose for the first time in a week.  Woohoo!  I'm definitely not at 100% yet but I actually felt well enough to leave the house today for a bit.  A quick trip to the post office, a short browse through Hobby Lobby which resulted in some inspiration for an Easter/Spring vignette.  Of course, resulted in my purchase of a couple of items to create said vignette.  I won't put it together until I get a chance to clean house from top to bottom.  Just can't help myself - feel the need to disinfect the house.  

I've also had a busy week here shoveling snow even so recently as a couple of hours ago.  The snowstorm on Tuesday/Wednesday resulted in 8.9 inches of snow instead of the expected .2.  BIG difference.  Snowblower broke last snowstorm so am clearing snow the old fashioned way with shovel.  It took 3 times over 2 days to get the drive and walkways cleared.  We live so far out that we are always the last on the list for plowing.  Yesterday they finally got around to our street and left a mound 1 1/2 feet high filling in the end of my driveway.  Of course, you have to shovel this out before it freezes so you don't ruin the bottom of your vehicles.  Again this afternoon they went by with the plow and this time I got by with only a foot piled at the end of the drive.  I have since cleared it and had to clear 3 feet in front of mailbox so we would still get delivery.
You can see from some of my pictures over the last couple of posts I've still managed to get my camera out and take a few photos of nature.  This morning our little red friend who hangs out here quite a bit did some posing for me.  He stands out so bright red among the gray branches and white of the snow.
I also thought I should update you on my progress on Boo Tree (freebie).  You would think I would be much farther along but was just so miserable I didn't feel a bit like stitching.  I know - unheard of not to feel like stitching.

Looking forward to a quiet night at home with some stitching and family movie night.  When Bill gets home from work, we will decide what movie to rent.  I see Life of Pi is available and have wanted to see that.  Anna Karenina is also available but I know Bill would not like this one.  Chasing Mavericks, Hitchcock are also options.

I'm also making homemade potato soup for supper as it sounded like a quick and easy Friday night meal.  Now if I could only taste it!

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