Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Won't Do That Again!

 Such a beautiful sky out this morning while waiting for Keith's bus I couldn't resist getting my camera out to take a few photos.   Beautiful blue sky, sun shining, moon was out and a few wispy clouds floating by.

Now on to my "I won't do that again".  Did you ever decide to do something and when you decided to do it knew it was a bad idea?  Well I did that this morning.  As mentioned before, I joined the Y to get myself back into a good fitness routine.  I headed out this morning with a plan to do some time on the treadmill and then move on to a toning class using weights.  Well I don't know where exactly my plans went astray but after doing my time on the treadmill astray they went.   I ended up taking 3 back to back classes - for a total of 2 1/2 more hours after the treadmill. What was I thinking you exclaim!  The only thing I can say is that they were 3 classes I had some interest in and saw on the schedule posted they were all in the same room back to back and decided what the heck.    I will be perfectly honest that about 1/2 way through the 3rd class I knew it was a mistake.  Muscles were beginning to quiver in my arms with the 12 pound bar this instructor had me using (I've never done over 8 pounds in my life).  I was beginning to feel a bit weak all around and thought about just stopping and walking out.  Would have been the smart thing to do but oh no I told myself I needed to see it through to the end.  Mmmmm wonder if it was self-inflicted punishment for letting myself get out shape.  In the end I survived and managed to run all my errands afterwards to boot.  I was pleased that the first stop I made my muscles had not seized and I was still able to get out of the Jeep and walk - maybe I wasn't so out of shape after all.   Conclusion:  I've decided I'm not a Zumba girl as I'm never been able to learn those dance routines quickly and if you can't do that - well with them changing monthly I'd always be a few steps behind.  I did enjoy the Body Core Sculpting class as well as the Body Toning class with weights so this will become a part of my regular routine.  As for the rest of the classes I have an interest in, I will try them one at a time.  Lesson for me - cardio on the treadmill and bike with NO MORE THAN 1 CLASS A DAY! 
 I've managed a bit of stitching the last couple of nights and am looking forward to picking up Red Riding Hood by Primitive Hare again tonight.
I will end today with wishing the love of my life Happy Anniversary on number 32.  It hasn't always been an easy journey but it has been a worthwhile one.  Here we are on our wedding day with our friends.  We look so young in this picture.  As it happens, this couple got married and are still together to this day as well.  Remarkable!


  1. Oh Lorrie I think I'm sitting here hurting for you. No wait, I'm hurting because I went to far with my exercises this morning too! Aren't we both a mess?
    A good soak in the tub with epsom salts works wonders!
    ♫ ♫ A very Happy Anniversary to you ♫ ♫

    1. You would think we were old enough to know better with our workouts. Thankfully my muscles didn't seize up and render me unable to move. Honestly yesterday wasn't bad. This morning I did wake up and feel a little soreness but nothing that stopped me from going back for a treadmill workout this morning.

  2. Wishing you and your husband a very Happy Anniversary! Hope you aren't overly sore for the rest of the week/weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Robin it was a nice anniversary. We did nothing special - in fact hubby went out golfing all evening. We will consider our date night on Saturday night our celebrating!


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