Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Year Older!

Hi everyone!  Seems like it has been forever since I've found a few minutes to post on my blog.  I really need to become more adept at using the app to make my postings.

On July 7th I spent the day at my beloved Iowa State Fairgrounds - sigh not yet time for the Fair but did attend the Good Guys car show with Bill and Keith.  Here is the car in front of one of my favorite old buildings - this is the Agriculture Building.  It was a hot day for sure but with an ever present breeze and shade trees in abundance it was quite bearable.  Bill had to go out early with the car so Keith and I went out a few hours later.  I wish you all could have seen his face light up when I asked him if he wanted to go - PRICELESS.  Let's just say I couldn't get us ready fast enough to suit him - LOL!  
I had to laugh at Teresa's comment that she did not see my family recipe for the homemade ice cream.  I feel a bit like the Bush's bean commercial.  Duke the dog trying to give the recipe - owner doing all they can to keep it secret.  I don't feel I can give out this recipe without the family's permission - LOL!  I feel I need to at least check with my brother's and dad before I put it on my blog.  Teresa, you will be the first to receive it if permission is granted.

I'm still have not spent as much time stitching as I would like but do have some progress to show on Red Riding Hood by Primitive Hare.  I could wait no longer to start the red.  I was a bit tired of stitching all black.  Switched to the red and it is going quite quickly - or at least it feels that way to me.
I was having sewing machine issues but figured out the problem and got it going again.  I was able to send Mary L.W. and Teresa S. their thank you needle cases for suggesting photo names as well as a project bag I had promised Teresa back in February.  In answer to your question Teresa - yes I did crochet the heart.  I used the pattern from Bythebayneedleart.  The needle case in the first picture is the 4th variation of a tutorial I found on Pinterest.  I never did like the large size of the original and never could get the binding to go on well.  Over the course of 2 years I have finally altered the original pattern to suit my sewing skills (thank you Teresa noticing my improvement).  In all honesty it makes me what to ask for the one I sent Teresa for Christmas back to redo - LOL!  I will be making another one of these soon taking photos of each step to add as a tutorial on my blog.  The needle case in the 2nd photo is a Lazy Girl design.  Both ladies received one of each needle case as a thank you.  The 3rd photo is Teresa's red wool project bag.  I had made one for myself on a whim back in July using the crocheted heart pattern and decided to add handles to it (my first attempt).  She liked it so well I decided not to wait until her birthday to gift her with one.
None of my photos were picked to be exhibited at the Fair.  I'm not sure if I will enter again next year.  There are usually close to 4,000 submissions for about 500 spots.  I understand with that many submissions not having the time for any feedback but it does make it difficult to know what needs improving.  I also know I'm up against many professionals as well as those who belong to camera clubs.  I have almost a year to make that decision so no rush.   I do like that Fabrics & Threads provides you a scoresheet as well as comments on your piece so you know what you did right and what you did wrong.  They have a volunteer who walks with the Judge and writes what the judge says as it is being looked at.  Most helpful!

Since my last post I have turned another year older (and was spoiled terribly by my friends).  It was so nice that Mary and Belinda took me to lunch on my actual birthday.  It was such a treat!  We just went to a favorite restaurant (On The Border) and had a fabulous time catching up!  These lunches do not happen often enough to suit any of us!
From BFF Allison
From Dear Friends Mary and Belinda
I just have to point out a few things that are particularly delightful to me.  

Allison (who knows me so well) included some vintage hankies (one was labeled a wedding hankie) as well as some gorgeous fat quarters of fabric (there are 6).  Can't wait to make something with these beautiful fabrics.  There is also a photo holder that she picked up that is made out of a doorknob.  It is the coolest thing - I have it in my kitchen to hold my recipe card while cooking.  SPOILED!

 Mary somehow managed to pick up a sewing basket at a flea market almost exactly like I've been looking for at the antique shops.  Amazing - she can read minds now!  I am also delighted by this little bird by Isabel Bloom.  It already has a home on my coffee table.  She also included so many one of a kind items I've never seen before.  SPOILED!

Belinda was just as creative as the other 2 with her choices as well.  She made this amazing Friendship Memory Book that includes photos from various outings we gals have taken together.  Such a thoughtful and unique keepsake - love it!  She also took the time to stitch a small piece to make into a necklace for me.  The backside has a piece of sampler fabric that you see through the glass.  SPOILED!

I really can't thank them enough for their generosity and thoughtfulness to make my day so special.  Tomorrow I get to have my birthday lunch with my BFF Rene' and then Friday is a short get together with Harriet to celebrate both our birthdays!


  1. Hello

    Happy birthday!
    The show looks great!
    Your stitching is looking lovely and what gorgeous birthday presents, that sewing box is amazing!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your celebrations!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Lorrie! What lovely gifts you received! I was sorry to hear that your pictures didn't get selected for the fair. Personally, I think the professional photographers should be in their own category.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Happy birthday, Lorrie. And enjoy all your great gifts!


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