Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Walk Through The Iowa State Fair!

I will keep commentary to a minimum on this post and let the pictures speak for themselves.  The weather was in the low to mid 80's everyday this year for the Fair which was a real treat as we are normally 100 degrees with 90+ humidity.  

First place wall of needlework in the Fabric and Threads exhibit. 
Wall of cross stitch entries.
My son enjoying the Fair on his birthday.

Tons of quilts.  This is just one end wall an a turn around the corner.
My favorite quilt of the entire Fair is the one in the middle with rabbits. 

Butter cow.

Butter Abraham Lincoln.

Veteran's Day waiting for the parade to start.

Inside the Agriculture Building.  The butter cow is on the left.

Congratulations to friends, Kristi and Tim for 1st and 2nd with their concord grapes.
Tomato judging.
More vegetable judging.

Bill and Keith heading out for their ride on the sky glider.  Based on their smiles they had one terrific ride.

The Super Bull (over 3,000 pounds) and the Big Boar (over 1,000 pounds)

I didn't realize Comet spent his off-time hitting the Fairs.  The kids eyes got real big when seeing Santa's reindeer.

I loved the animals this year.

Here we have the riblet wrapped in bacon, Floppy (some of you may remember him from the Floppy Show a local show from when we were kids), the wooden lady was sporting a crocheted hat and necklace this year, a sampling of the 100 pound concrete ribbons decorated by professionals and individuals (100 placed around the fairgrounds), a delicious cherry sno cone that tasted just like I remember from when I was a kid.

A sampling of 4H Exhibits. 

The beautiful garden located in the middle of the fairgrounds by the Agriculture Building.

Pioneer Hall.  Sits up on the hill on the East end of the fairgrounds. 

The city skyline from the sky glider coming down from Pioneer Hall. See the crane looking things past the trees - they are actually rides on the West end of the fairgrounds.  Big scary rides!


  1. Lovely photos....reminds me of the Indiana State Fair when I was a kid :)

  2. Great photo journey that you took us on, Lorrie! It looked like a truly enjoyable day for you and yours!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Very impressive pictures of the State Fair. And a great family day out.


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