Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My First 2014 Finish!

I just couldn't resist sharing this photo of a bird eating seeds from my birch tree on my back deck last week.  Funny how my neighbors all have bird feeders out but they still prefer the seeds from my birch trees.  Amazing the number of varieties we get.

I will finally get to reveal the project completion on Monday.  It is the day my dear friend, Harriet and I are finally getting to have our holiday gabfest exchange.  She winters down South where it is a bit warmer and miss her greatly when she is gone.  Makes the time spent together all that more special.
I stitched this little beauty up in just 3 days (which considering I spent Sunday afternoon/evening cleaning up after/taking care of a husband sick with the stomach flu was a small miracle).  This little primitive is another design by Nathalie (nathaliepoppy/THE BLUE ATTIC) entitled Pa and Ma (another in her Laura Ingalls series).  I decided to stitch it on 32 count using 1 thread over 1 thread and love how "dainty" it looks.  I put a quarter in the photo for a size reference (thank you Belinda for that idea a couple of years ago).  I used all the called for threads with the exception of the flesh tone.  The called for color would not show up on the fabric I chose so changed it to 948.  I had it all worked out how I wanted to finish it but could not find a 2 1/2" square bezel to create what I wanted.  I am now looking for new inspiration for a finish and with that in mind I wandered the aisles of a fabric store and hobby store today.  I will admit to it being difficult to give up what I had in mind but I did find a little inspiration and am considering another idea.  I want to ponder the idea a bit more before I commit.

Lastly I could not resist sharing this little funny.  The photo on the left was a hot pad made by me in August of 2012 from a pattern gifted to me by my friend, Mary for my birthday that year.  On the right is a photo of what I found hanging on a shelf in my local hobby store.  It looks like I am a trendsetter - LOL!

Off to start stitching a new project - well actually two new projects.  I'm going to put the first stitches in the free SAL piece by Jardin Prive' titled La Pensee' Positive as well as a piece by Primitive Hare titled One Soul One Earth.  


  1. bellissimo il ricamo di blu attic, lo adoro.

  2. Your little primitive finish looks wonderful. So small and delicate.
    Have fun with your two new starts!

  3. That little bird is so cute! And I like Ma and Pa too. 32 ct over 1 looks great but is hard.


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