Sunday, June 1, 2014

End of Week Review!

 We've gone from a below average temperature Spring to a now above average temperature run here in Iowa.  I heard on the news the other day we are 22 days ahead of schedule for temperatures to hit this high.  I will say my plants are thriving as evidenced by my latest picture collage.  The warmer temperatures have also brought along some great bit white puffy clouds....not to mention the occasional pop up thunderstorm out of nowhere.
I'm making progress on the Mystery Sampler by With Thy Needle and Thread.  I divided the pattern into thirds and will be starting the last and final section tonight.  I really am looking forward to a finish on this one.
For those of you interested in the pattern for the fabric box I made it is available for purchase as the FABRIC BOX KIT from the designer (thanks Aunt Nanc for getting this information).  The kit includes instruction book, patterns, cardboard and batting.  This is the exact kit I received from my Aunt Nanc who took Marie's class.  With the pattern I was then able to replicate the cardboard and batting to create as many as I wanted.  I will take pictures and share what I used to replicate materials in another post.

You can contact her as follows:

Marie Nafzgar
21895 Cherokee Rd.
Clovis, CA  93619

I was pretty excited last Sunday to have won the giveaway from Purple Cats Corner.  I was given a choice of her three newest releases in print form.  I chose Serenity and think it is just lovely.  If you have time, check out her Etsy shop or Facebook page.  She offers her designs in a array of formats.  I have purchased a few of her notecards and tote bags.  I know she has offered other items in the past as well as magnets come to mind.

Sadly someone stole some of the decorations put out on my mother's grave again this year.  My younger brother put this lovely solar rose light on and it lasted about 2 days before it disappeared.  Needless to say the family was all upset about this.  You would think people would have the decency to respect someone's grave.  I'm a believer that "what goes around comes around" and this person will get what is coming at some point.

I bought myself a new Thermos brand insulated bottle.  I love these bottles and have several as they really do keep your water cold for the 12 hours they say they do.  I love that I still have ice at the end of the day and I can leave it in a hot car and come out to ice cold water.  They are readily available for purchase at local stores or online.  Oh and the pink - means the guys won't be running off with it anytime soon!

 We took the Camaro out for a drive Friday night as it was such a beautiful night out and ended up down by our State Capitol building.  Hubby couldn't resist a couple of photos.  The picture on the left is from down at the bottom of the landscaped area across the street.  The middle photo is on the road right in front of the Capitol.  The photo on the right is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument located just South of the Capitol.  

Well, it is time to go put a roast in the oven for supper.  See you soon!


  1. Love your photo collage; your flowers are gorgeous. Thank you for getting the information for the fabric box pattern, Lorrie!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the upcoming week!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Your boxes are looking great! Glad to see that the warm weather has finally arrived for you :)


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