Friday, July 18, 2014

South Dakota Trip Part 2

On Thursday morning we left Doland and headed toward Sturgis for the Camaro Rally.  Needless to say we saw some interesting scenery along the way - LOL!
It was a nice trip and enjoyed some beautiful rides with the top down in the Camaro.  We did have to dodge several rainstorms but managed to stay dry.  It was worth the cost for the underground parking at the motel as it sure cut down on the amount of time spent washing and wiping down the car.  I think one of the things that made me smile the most was every time we went past the car wash there was a line of Camaros waiting to wash and every gathering the guys were all out wiping down the cars.  Seriously even if we were all just in the parking lot gathering to drive somewhere.  

It was really fun to see all the Camaros in one place on "show day".  Yes, we had a couple of short downpours during the show but not to worry everyone had their rags, towels, chamois and even a squeegee to dry them off.  I actually think my favorite photos were taken from up above after the rain.  The wet pavement showed off the cars much better.   Here are some photos from the actual car show.

From the show we all lined up and drove to the town about 8 miles away for their car show.  They block off Main street in town and park us 2 x 2 down the middle while the cars from their show are parked along the side.  They then enjoyed an hour looking at our cars while we enjoyed an hour looking at theirs.

Well, I am completely out of time so South Dakota Trip Part 3 will show pictures from our scenic drives.  See you soon!


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  1. DH's first car was a Camaro. It cost $150 and had to be towed to his house :)


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