Saturday, August 16, 2014


I and a couple of my friends celebrated a birthday over the summer months and I thought I would share a few of the fun gifts I received as well as the gifts I made for my friends. 

From my BFF, Rene' I received this lovely vintage sewing basket.  I love the open weave of the top.  She is always on the hunt for sewing related gifts on her antique shopping trips.  

From my dear friend, Harriet I received this stitched pillow.  It is a favorite saying and she stitched it in some of my favorite HDF silk colors.  I love the "Old Maid" line of colors.

To go with it she gave me this fun mug for my vanilla chai tea.  When my hubby and son see this one come out, they know it is stitching time for me!

For Harriet I stitched this little design from The Little Stitcher on 25 count over 1 and finished it into a pocket watch.  I decided to make a fabric covered composition book as a way to display for gift giving.  

This is the inside of the book cover.  The fabrics I chose have meaning to Harriet.  You might also notice that I chose a graph paper composition book.  It made more sense for Harriet as like myself she is constantly recharting designs to personalize in a more meaningful way.

From my friend, Belinda I received this beautiful stitching wallet!  This wallet is one she designed herself and executed to perfection.  I appreciate how she personalized the design and color palette to my likes.  Truly amazing!

My friend, Mary gifted me this fabulous book of projects.  I can always count on her to find my next project to create (she was responsible for the round placemats) and there are many lovely designs in this book.  I appreciate her confidence in me that I can create these challenging projects.  She is truly inspiring!

 For Mary I created this fabric box with fabric ORT bag.  In addition I stitched a small quaker motif and made into a pincushion.  I then added a few sewing needfuls and we have a stitching box.  I love that the fabric box is padded on all sides so the entire thing can be used as a pincushion.

From my BFF, Allison I received a box full of wonderful things.  I love her creativity in putting together a gift.  I love the stack of free patterns from her local shop that they were giving away on the clearance table.  No cost to her but so very thoughtful as many are projects I would love to try.  There were 3 patriotic cross stitch patterns as well as some cross stitch fabrics from a company no longer in business.  I can't wait to find the perfect project for the pink sparkly one.

Next post will be an update on my stitching project as well as the 2014 Iowa State Fair.  Just a hint - 7 ribbons awarded for 7 entries.

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  1. Love the little watch project-so very cute, Lorrie! I'm on the lookout for something to stitch in a watch. And the fabric box and ort bag look so great!. I can see your sewing talents are expanding wonderfully :)

    And the stitching wallet is wonderful. I hope Belinda puts some in her etsy shop, hint, hint....

    And the fair??? can't wait to hear more ...
    Oh, now I feel guilty because I missed your birthday. Well, count the little RAK I sent as an early b-day gift :)


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