Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Move on Scroll Bars!

I am so excited!  Last night I made the final move forward of this project on my scroll bars.  The next move will be off the bars as it will be done.  I've stitched the house at the top right of the project since this photo last night.  

This is Harvest Time by Prairie Schooler.  I have stitched it on a piece of 28 count Jobelan in Copper Penny.  I've used the called for colors except for the church.  The called for color was the exact same as the base color of my fabric.  It felt like "Beauty in Simplicity" by Blue Ribbon Designs all over again.  I went through 14 colors when stitching the house until I found one that suited me on the fabric I chose.  Thankfully I only went through 6 changes of colors on the church before I found a keeper.

I've already picked out my next project.  Again keeping to my goal of trying to stitch Prairie Schooler designs from my stash.  I will be stitching July (my birth month) on 32 count Lambswool.  I'm doing something a bit different on this one which is stitching it using Hand Dyed Fibers Premium Silks.  You can see my project box of spools ready to go.  I think I have done a pretty good job of matching colors to the called for DMC.  I chose to do this as I stitch so much "prettier" with 1 thread and know Premium provides great coverage on 32 count with 1 thread.  I will post a list of my conversions on one of my future posts.

Also in keeping with my goals this year of stitching on my projects in the works,  I have pulled out this large project.  I started Jan Houtman's Flower Bouquet in Green several years ago.  It is one I would really like to complete so have decided to keep it by my chair and work on it periodically while I stitch my other projects.  I've decided if I dedicate myself to spending just 15 minutes a day on it I will complete it much sooner than if it just continues to sit in the cupboard.  It may not get done this year but am hopeful it will at least get done.  The pattern has 35 pages and I am just a few stitches from completing page 2 of the pattern.
I am stitching it on a piece of 25 count Jobelan and you can see it took an entire 1/2 yard of it for this project.  I am using the called for DMC colors.  I will keep you posted on my progress.
On Wednesday night we participated in a Car Show at a local church here in town.  They have a big festival to kick off their Fall schedule of classes, etc at the church.  This is a picture of my husband and son next to a 1929 Lincoln.  It was an amazing vehicle as even the interior is all original.  I wouldn't mind owning that car.

In addition to the car show, inflatables for the kids, a dunk tank, food and hay rides there was a hot air balloon doing a nite glo.  We met some wonderful new people and ran into someone I grew up with.  It was a fun evening for the family!
For those doubters out there - I really do get to drive the super fast Camaro!
Husband's brother is here visiting for a long weekend and I got them to pose for a couple of pictures with this piece of artwork that will be moving on soon!
Now I'm off to finishing making the homemade ice cream using the recipe handed down through our family for generations.  YUMMY!

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