Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Exchange/WIP/Recipe/Mug


My dear friend, Harriet and I finally found some time to get together for our Christmas exchange before she headed off to Arizona.  We had a delightful time drinking chai, exchanging gifts, catching up, laughing and lunching. 

Harriet and I started stitching something for each other somewhere around 2002 or 2003.  This year my stitched gift for Harriet was a design by Abby Rose Designs called Bless this Home.  I stitched it on a piece of 48 count linen using 1 thread over 2.  I used a mix of the overdyed and DMC colors listed in the following combination.

Symbol           Color
#                     Piney Woods (GA)
3                     Avocado (CC)
2                     Shaker White (GA)
/                      DMC 407
6                     Cherry Bark (GA)
0                     DMC 3802
%                    DMC 3021
$                     Antique Rose (GA)
*                     Picnic Basket (GA)
4                     DMC 611
1                     DMC 310
+                     DMC 451

When gathering the colors together, I thought it was an unusual combination of colors.  They look so good stitched together I wanted to be sure and list them for future reference.  I see myself using them on another project.

I ended up finding the perfect fabric and finished it into a small quilt hanging for this table top quilt hanger that I purchased 2 or 3 years ago waiting with the tag still on it for the perfect piece.  It seemed like the moon and stars was meant to hang over the house on this piece.  

You all know how my Christmas tree has a collection of ice skate ornaments and a few ornaments with ice skaters as well.  Imagine my delight that Harriet had stitched a skater from a JCS Ornament Issue (I had been admiring this one).  Lucky for me it doesn't reference Christmas at all so I can display for a bit longer during the winter months.

I thought it was quite a coincidence that I had pulled out my pattern a week ago to make one of these project rolls and to receive one made by Harriet's husband, Dan.  Thankfully I can put that little project on the back burner for me at this time and enjoy using this one.  Blue is my favorite color so having this with some many shades of blues/teals is delightful.


I am making really good progress on the 2013 Advent SAL I purchased in 2013 from iStitch.  I am really hoping to have it completed by January 24 so I will have stitched it in the 24 days like it was intended.  It will be close!  I am so glad that I chose to use the specialty stitches Carol provided with this design.  I've always wanted to try some specialty stitches and as the bands are so small if felt like a good way to initiate myself to them.  It was a goal for 2015 and am pleased to have accomplished one for the year.


I have added the Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe to my cooking blog.  Just click on the recipe to be taken to the blog.


I was out shopping at the the book store the other day and happened upon this mug on the clearance table.  I loved the design on it, the shape and size so purchased it and brought it home.  It is my most favorite mug at the moment.


  1. And it's even more beautiful in real life! Thank you again, Lorrie! You do such beautiful work.

  2. I went back thru your recipes and oh, my, there are several I'd like to try. I'll let you know....:)


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