Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fashionable? Me?

I can't believe I'm actually going to do a post on fashion.  

Fashionable is not a word that I would use to describe myself.  It occurred to me over the past couple of months at some point over the past few years my "style" of clothing has become anything but fashionable.  I don't tend to wear the latest trends but tend to hang out in the more casual look of jeans and sweaters in the winter and capris and sleeveless tops/t-shirts in the summer.  

My working out and eating "cleaner" has resulted in the loss of inches which in terms of clothing is an entire size.  As I've been replacing my clothes in a smaller size, I have been purchasing things that are -  do I dare say it - a bit more stylish and fashion forward.  

My recent purchases have been for winter coats.  I will admit my first purchase was a practical Columbia coat in black. 

See I told you it was practical.  However, it is more form fitting that it appears on the hanger and not a "puffy" coat which is my norm.  It does have a hood and is great for those cold snowy winter days when shoveling snow.

Next I went in search of a wool coat to replace my maxi length coat.  I like a longer wool coat that is a bit dressier for going out to lunch, date night, etc.  When I went to actually buy, I had my eye on a lavender toggle coat.  You can see I did not come home with that coat.

I ended up with this wool coat (almost feels like felted wool).  I loved that the closure on the coat was off center and it has one showing button at the top and has hidden snaps the rest of the way down behind the flap.  The coat is more form fitting at the top and flairs out a bit at the bottom.  The hanger really doesn't show off the true cut of the coat.  I added one of my vintage brooches to the lapel.

I had also tried on another off center zipper closure coat at the same time as this one.  It was also in black and figured another black coat is not what I needed.  

I was looking at the online selections for this store and low and behold they had the zipper closure coat in a beautiful raspberry color.  It has been ordered and should arrive mid week.  

I wonder if my recent purse purchase will be complimentary to it.  It is hard to tell until you have the items together.

Now I am considering purchasing a pair of fashionable boots (gasp).  What next?

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  1. Love your choices, Lorrie! I have that same purse but in shiny burgundy :)


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