Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!


My family and I are enjoying a long 4 day weekend to celebrate Independence Day more commonly referred to as the 4th of July.  


Today's post will be a little picture walk of our weekend thus far.

Breakfast out.

A trip to Goode's Greenhouse - hey the plants were 50% off!  Bill and Keith took time to pose for a quick photo.

Keith looks pretty happy with his choice.

Homemade ice cream!  Keith just could not wait until the 4th so we had ours on the 2nd.

Warm sheets straight from the dryer on a cool day here.  Love that smile!

Enjoying the results of our gardening this Spring and Summer!

Playing with my camera.  These two pictures are exact same bloom.  Difference between taking a regular photo and using the close up feature on the camera.

Brother and nephew doing the cooking.

Great-niece trying to tie her shoe.

Niece and soon to be niece-in-law sharing a laugh.

Husband and son enjoying drinks waiting for food.

Great-niece stealing my SIL's chair.

Names in chalk.

My sister-in-laws enjoying the cookout.

Nephew-in-law holding his sleepy little girl.

Great-nephew showing uncertainty over our fireworks.

Brothers enjoying watching the kids.

Great-niece finally gave up and went to sleep in my arms.

Trying out the fireworks feature on my camera.  Works pretty well.


I even managed to add a few stitches to this little patriotic piece.  This is Land that I Love by Lizzie Kate.  I just love the new little needle minder my friend Cathi H. made.  Thanks again, Cathi!


Next on my list is to make another one of these bags.  My friend, Launa, saw it and thought one would be perfect to put her daughter's computer in at college.  I'm going to make this in a size that will hold a laptop rather than a stitch project.

I've found a new way to make project bags that I'm going to give a try.  The zipper has a tab on each end which looks much cleaner and I get to quilt as I go which will be fun and give me some flexibility for design on the outside of the bag.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  

I also signed up for an online class through Craftsy for making 3 of the Lazy Girl Design bags.  Looking forward to making those as well.


Oh, in case that is not enough.  Fireworks tonight and car show tomorrow.

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