Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last Day of Fair Car Show

Normally I would be attending the Fair on the last day but this year friends who belong to the Unique Mustang Club were having their first ever sponsored show.  Bill, Keith and I decided to attend to support their show.  

I will say we have attended a lot of car shows this year together as a family.  It is a pretty low key and relaxing day.  You pretty much spend the day walking around looking at cars and talking to owners and sit around in groups in lawn chairs chatting the day away.  No laundry to do.  No house to clean.  Just enjoying the company of family and friends.

There is usually food available but options are limited so this year I've been packing a picnic lunch for us.  

My son and I.

Really nice paint on this Mustang.

Interior of a car.

Engine of same car.  I seem to photograph engines well.

Bill and Keith hanging out on the picnic blanket.

Host cars.


Bill and Keith off to look at cars.

This little guy was comparing his model Camaro to ours.

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