Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another WIP Picked Up!

There I was just sitting in the chair minding my own business stitching away on Christmas Tree (Primitive Hare) when a thought struck me.  Needless to say it stopped my stitching for that day dead in its' tracks.  What you wonder could have torn me away from my beloved stitching?!  Well I was off to search for a project I started 6 or 7 years ago.  (I would be embarrassed by that except I know we all have started and then stopped projects in our stash much older than this one.) This project is a piece by Isabelle Vautier when she was designing for Savoir-Faire Valley and I just adored it.  I was stitching along quite nicely on this project and making great progress when I was suddenly struck with the thought that this design needed some type of division stitched between motifs as well as a border.  I was not as adventurous with my stitching at that time so did not have a clue as to how I was going to change this design to my liking so I just quit stitching. 

Here I am a few several years later with a sudden burning desire to finish this WIP.  I feel more capable of adding to this design and to that end have asked my "stitchy" friends for some advice.  The overall opinion is that I definitely need a division between motifs but it is about 50/50 as to whether they should be backstitched or full cross stitches (I'm leaning toward backstitching).  Everyone agrees it does need a border but there are as many different ideas as there are responses.  I have decided I am definitely going to do a stitched border rather than a specialty stitch all the way around.  I realize this is going to add some significant stitching to this project but think it will be worth the effort invested.

 I broke down yesterday and spent $5 at my LNS for a book of borders and have narrowed my selection down to 3 possibilities   I like #2 as I'm attracted to the way the corner is done but feel it is a bit "frilly" for my design as the corners are pretty squared off on each motif of the design.  I really feel like options #1 and #3 are the best choices for this design with option #1 edging ahead just a bit.  Love to hear your thoughts.

I think everyone is finally healthy in the house so we have been enjoying our days and nights much more.  Bill and I rented a movie last night to watch after Keith went to bed.  We watched Hope Springs with Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carrel.  It was a wonderful movie and we both enjoyed it.

Last Saturday date night was cancelled as respite provider and Keith both sick.  I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that tonight's date night won't be cancelled.  I'm really looking forward to an evening out.  We've not been out in so long there are tons of movies to chose from.  Unfortunately, so many of them run 2 hr 30 minutes or better we will only be able to see one.  Thank goodness we are scheduled for another date night next Saturday.  Argo is out of the theaters now so will have to watch that one on DVD when it comes out.

Out and about early this morning so after a trip to the coffee shop to get vanilla chai teas we stopped at the DSM River to see how many Eagles were hanging out.  I counted around 28 today and even saw a couple of them flying.  I can't resist sharing this picture of my hubby watching the Eagles this morning.  

Until next time....


  1. Lorrie-I vote for border #1.

    Still no snow here, but my pond has frozen over (lightly)

  2. Whatever you choose it will be eatiful!


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