Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Surprise from my hubby last week.  So sweet!
Monday was a holiday for my hubby so we went out and ran a few errands (saw a red fox within a mile of the house on our way out), went to the furniture store and ordered a new sofa (long enough he can lay down and watch t.v.) and a new chair (a new stitching chair for me - woohoo!) and then had a lovely lunch out.  Won't actually get the furniture until mid-March but it is something to look forward to.
Tuesday my dearest friend, Harriet and I finally got to have one of our cherished days together.  Not only did this one include stitching, lunch, lots of conversation and laughter but our Christmas gift exchange.  She spoiled me terribly and I loved it!  She stitched a LHN piece that I've wanted to do for quite awhile and mounted it on a box.  It is absolutely divine and I'm so proud of her for finishing it in a way that was scary and challenging for her.  It turned out fabulous and I adore it!  She also stitched the female ice skater from LHN as well as the male ice skater by LHN in the JCS Ornament issue.  They look splendid on the blue fabric.  Her hubby also used his embroidery machine to make a towel that has our last name, then family and our first names on it.  Even the men in my house were impressed with this one.  She also purchased this old fashioned looking ice skate ornament for my Christmas tree.  Lucky for me it is still Winter and can enjoy it for a bit before it has to be put away.  The little dish is a small bowl made by potter Maggie Weldon.  It is one where she has imprinted a design by pressing completed crochet pieces into the clay.  Very original and cool!  There was also a pair of scissors and the little whale is a needle minder.  Just the cutest!  It really was a wonderfully relaxing day and we both look forward to the next one.

For Harriet I stitched one of the designs from an older Prairie Schooler Friends book.  I actually chose this one for a couple of reasons.  One - I really liked the saying and Two - I had found the fabric in the outer band of this piece and wanted to finish it using this fabric.  I knew that a piece of Lavender Sunset Jobelan I had would be the perfect color to stitch it on as it would look fabulous with the fabric and the floss colors.  I have to say I enjoyed every stitch as the floss colors were just gorgeous on it in my opinion.  I did use the called for DMC threads except for one.  I did use a darker shade on the dress than the called for color so it would show up on the fabric.  In the beginning I wasn't sure how I would finish it and finally decided to sew square bands around the outside and quilt it.  It could be used as a table topper but I knew Harriet wouldn't want to risk a spill on it so included a set of quilt hangers as part of this gift.  I gave her a few other things as well - including a Four Calling Birds LED Candle from Where Sister's Gather (I just love these candles), a coffee mug with Baby It's Cold Outside from Heartstring Samplery.   I made her a small plate that is magnetized to hold pins and needles, and a box kit that is ready for lining.

I made great progress on Christmas Tree by Primitive Hare yesterday.  I finished stitching the victorian lady.  Getting her done makes me feel like I'm almost finished!  Originally thought I would frame this piece but now am wondering if I should finish into a pillow or a table runner.  I have given some thought to trying to finish it in the block like Teresa did on this piece she stitched for me.  Oh, just posting about it has given me an idea what to do on the sides instead of ribbon.  Teresa has inspired me several times in the past few months - THANK YOU!

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  1. Your Victorian Lady is so elegant and beautiful. Wow!

    I am so enjoying my gift exchange items--thank you so much! The Prairie Schooler piece is of course stitched so beautifully and you selected the perfect stitching fabric and complementary fabric as well. I look at it and it both cheers me up and comforts me. Your sewing skills have really developed!

    I am so lucky to have you as a friend.



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