Friday, January 4, 2013

One By One!

We have been experiencing some extremely cold temps here where I live but I could not resist taking may camera out to capture this photo of the moon the other morning.  It was one of those rare mornings where the air is so crisp and everything crunches underfoot.  The moon was just so vivid and clear.  I don't know how I managed to capture a clear vision of the moon through the trees and get this blurred effect of the tree around it.  I like the look of it.

One by one I am getting my holiday gift exchanges done with friends so am able to share a few more photos of things that have been done for weeks/month.  Yesterday was my exchange with my delightful friend, Belinda.  I did some finishing work on Wednesday - I know these things have been stitched and waiting to be finished for over 2 years!  I gifted Belinda with the Gone Sledding piece (A Sampler Girl Design).  I used some jute to create the hanger.  Hopefully it will remind her when she sees it to take a break from her work once in awhile and do something fun for herself.  She also got that set of placemats pictured in Lorrie's Placemat Tutorial.

I always try to make something unique for each of my friends and to that end I sometimes just go to a craft store and wander around for inspiration.  Inspiration came as soon as I saw this little box.  I knew just what I wanted to do as soon as I looked at it.  I started off by stitching this Quaker Friendship topper by Sampler and Such.  I then stained the entire box with a Walnut Stain.  I mounted the stitching on top.  Covered the back and lined the drawers with self-adhesive French General fabric and added the trim.  A great little box for hiding some special treasures!
Belinda also gave me an item she made.  She made this adorable pillow/pincushion that says LOVE on it.  I had to laugh when she said she wanted to do my name but there were just too many letters.  I "love" it just the way it is and wouldn't change a thing.  I currently have it on display in my living room and it makes me happy just looking at it.  I read once that you should surround yourself with the things that inspire you, make you smile and you enjoy as they create a warm, relaxing and loving environment.  This is definitely on that list.
In preparation for my year of working from my stash and not adding to it (with the exception of my friend, Belinda's designs) I had a few items on my wish list that I definitely wanted so I spent some time on December 31 making a few purchases.  Most were small designs with the exception of the SAL 2013 from Les Grilles De Maryse.  The good thing about this is it is paid for all up front and I will receive installments over several months.  Woohoo!  

Now I will clarify that I will not be adding to my stash but that does not mean someone else cannot add to it for me.  My husband took my wish list and bought the 3 designs that were on it for me for Christmas.  Well, there is always my birthday in July.  I could have quite a wish list by that time.  

I do keep a spiral bound notebook by my computer to keep wish lists, jot down things I want to look up, order numbers, etc.  I will put items on that wish list throughout the year and if there is still anything on it by year's end I will be all set for 2014.  I started a new habit that when I put something on this list I do nothing with it.  Then 3 or 4 weeks later I look up the design again.  I find that 95% of the time when I look at the design again I can't see why I put it on my wish list so off it goes.  It really does help keep that impulse buying in check.

Teresa, you will be happy to know that Keith has been after me the last 3 days about the quilt.  He actually allowed me to pull out the pattern and look at it and I think I can do it.  My plans are to get all the pieces cut out this weekend and maybe even start sewing the blocks together.  I wouldn't be surprised if I get it done in a week as once I start Keith will want it RIGHT NOW!  LOL.   This is Keith this morning picking out a scissor fob he wants done for his scissors from Winter White Woodland (Blue Ribbon Designs).  I really do need to hide my patterns, catalogs, etc. when he is around.  My friend, Allison, was wondering if I'm going to have time to do anything for myself in 2013 with all Keith's wants.  That is a good question!

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