Monday, January 28, 2013

Signed up for a Painting Class!

I'm so excited!  My friend, Mary A. posted about a painting class where you go in and for the cost they provide all the materials you need and when you are done 2 hours later you have a completed painting just like the one they are teaching.  I wouldn't believe it except a photo of a class where they are all holding up their paintings looking the same convinced me.  I do have minimal painting experience from way back when I painted this reverse glass painting owl and then some tole painting.  I don't have a picture to show you of what we are painting due to copyright of their photos but it is a red background with then a smaller background of white in the middle with a tree on the white.  The tree leaves all look like hearts.  Unfortunately, Mary A. is busy the night the class if offered but my friend, Belinda had an open night on her calendar so has signed up.  I can't wait but wait I must as the class is not until February 6.

 Bill and I had date night Saturday night and enjoyed seeing a couple of movies - Broken City and Parker.  On the way home we noticed there was a full moon through the clouds.  Well I just couldn't resist going out and taking a couple of photos when we got home.  It just happened that there was a break in the clouds for the moon to shine through while I was taking photos.  I like the effect of the clouds surrounding the moon. I am so enjoying this camera!

A quick trip through the antique store this morning resulted in a couple of small purchases.  I found this metal 3D heart patriotic welcome sign for $3 - my bargain of the day.  There was a great bin of buttons you could go through and just pick what you liked - love this idea as opposed to a jar with lots of not special buttons. I came out with this large red button - I seem to have a thing for red buttons - and this 2 pack of blue stars.  I have one of these stars reserved for a patriotic piece I've yet to stitch.  I also picked up a 10" dough bowl to display some of my small stitched pillows.  I would prefer a 14" but they are much more difficult to find.  

I'm down to the bottom border on this piece by Primitive Hare.  I'm hoping for some stitching time tonight to get it closer to the done pile.  It really is beautiful and can't wait to put it on display!
 As the guys were glued to the sports shows yesterday, I crocheted up this trivet using my favorite potholder pattern.  Skein was 100 grams so it made a generous 10"x12".   I knitted a scarf using this Circulo yarn my friend, Allison gave me for Christmas.  It is a dream to knit with.  Start to finish was done in an hour.  I loved it so much I purchased a skein of it in a reddish color along with a skein of ruffling yarn.  It is actually printed fabric with holes punched in one side that you knit to make a ruffled scarf.  It looked like a fun yarn and can't wait to try it!

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