Friday, January 25, 2013

Bits of the Week!

 Friday has rolled around and realize there are a few bits of the week I've not shared yet.   I was killing time waiting for my LNS to open to pick up a needed thread for the project I'm working on and stopped in at my local quilt shop.  Isn't it how it always starts....I ended up with an array of fabrics to make a table topper with a Valentine's theme.  Actually I think it would make a very nice one for Spring and Summer as well with all the bright pinks and greens of the fabric chosen.  I was just browsing fabrics and saw the fabric on the right in the picture and I just had to have it.  Of course, an array of complimentary fabrics was also needed to make a table topper.  I've decided I will again using the Charming Edges pattern I have as a base but rather than the scallops or points around the edge I'm just going to do a sashing all the way around.  I'm thinking today will be a perfect day to get out my Go! Baby (thank you again Belinda) and start cutting my charm squares only to realize OMG I never did get around to ordering the 6 x 12 cutting mat needed to do this.  Rest assured it has now been ordered but means I will be waiting a week to use this lovely fabric.  Boohoo!  I also purchased this pattern to make a queen size quilt called Lexington.  After my success with the pattern Teresa (At Willow Tree Pond) gifted me with during the Advent exchange I now have the confidence to try something on a much bigger scale.  As this one is for me, I can take my time putting it together. 

Yesterday I stopped in at a new cupcake shop my friend, Harriet told me about called Scratch Cupcakery.  I really wish I had taken the time to photograph their display as it was so elegant.  At any rate I picked up 3 cupcakes to honor my mom's memory on the date of her birth.  Besides I wanted to do something that mom and I would have done had she still been with us and she would have been all about finding the new cupcake shop and trying them.  

Yesterday I also received a surprise early Valentine's gift from my friend, Allison.  She gifted me with this lovely heart ornament and this flower button made by a friend of a friend (  She has asked that I send her a picture when I use the button as it was the first button she made.  I'm thinking I would like to use it as the flower and cross stitch a stem with leaves.  I have also considered some type of biscornu with this button in the middle when finished.  I'm currently searching for a good fit pattern wise for the button - SUGGESTIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED!  I can't wait to start on something for this button.

I tried out a new recipe on the family last night.  I'll be honest it took me a couple of weeks to work up the courage to give it a try.  I had mentioned the recipe to Bill a week ago but it uses apple pie filling and I'm most definitely am not a fruit person.  Give me vegetables galore but fruit is a big old yuck for me.  The recipe was a very quick to put together recipe and the entire family gave it a thumbs up - yes even me who doesn't like fruit.  


1 can apple pie filling
4-6 thick cut pork chops
Stove top or your favorite stuffing

You take a can of apple pie filling and place in the bottom of a baking dish.  You then take 4-6 thicker cut pork chops and brown in a skillet on each side and place them on top of the apple pie filling.  You then take stove top stuffing that you have made according to package directions (I used my from scratch stuffing) and place a mound on top of each pork chop.  Bake COVERED at 350 degrees for 1 hour and if you want the top browned remove the cover at the 45 minute mark.  


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  1. I love love love your fabric. Your recipe sounds great too. I may try this one soon. I always love your updates.


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