Saturday, February 9, 2013

Change of Plans!

Here I am just a mere 24 hours from my last post and my plans have changed.  Respite provider has the flu so date night out is cancelled.  I will tell you I do appreciate my provider not bringing the flu into our home.  Good news is I have a plan for family movie night at home.  I rented Argo on iTunes so will  get to enjoy a pajama party movie night at home.  Bad news - I have to cook supper instead of going out - sigh!

I had planned on starting a project this afternoon which will use this little heart.  No surprise while downloading rental movie I got distracted so this will be an evening project instead.  Can't wait to share the finished project when it is done - providing it turns out.
What distracted me you ask?  Thanks to Harriet's suggestion I tackled the issue of adding a "wish list" to my blog for my family and friends who want to purchase items as gifts during my year of not adding to my stash.  You will notice I have a couple of "click" on tabs in the header now.  I was so proud of myself for figuring this out.  Now if I could figure out if there is a way to make my header a bit smaller at the top - always a new challenge.  At least it keeps my brain active!

I will admit that I did purchase one design yesterday.  I could not resist purchasing the PDF of Red Riding Hood from Primitive Hare.  I honestly don't feel bad about that as it is a PDF and I don't have to find storage for it.  It can remain on my USB until ready to print and stitch.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do with the heart! Change of pans is not always bad, you can get comfy in pj's :). Enjoy


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