Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday - Finally!

It has been a fun filled week busy with activities.  I've been to a few new places this week and tried my hand at a new hobby as well.  I'm afraid book club will have to do without me today.  Tomorrow night is date night and I've a few things to get done before then. 

On Tuesday I had a wonderful day with Mary and Belinda on a "Girls Day Out".  We went to Winterset to the Ben Franklin (yes there are still a few of those around) and to Fons & Porter.  The Ben Franklin is like taking a little trip back in time.  Filled with treasures you can't find in most stores these days not to mention their amazing array of fabric and sewing supplies.  You might recognize Fons & Porter from their popular PBS show or the quilting magazine they publish.  We stopped in at the local Mercantile shop which was filled with beautiful things.  Lunch was at a quaint little cafe called The Cellar where I had an absolutely delicious lunch of portobello mushroom soup and grilled cheese.  A quick stop along the highway to take some photos of this old barn and then it was back to West Des Moines for walk through a new shop called Hinge - great find Mary.  It was a really fun shop.  Ended with a stop at the Scratch Cupcakery for a yummy dessert.  It was a delightful day and yes there were fabrics purchased!

On Wednesday I had signed up to take a painting class where at the end of the 2 hours you come out with a completed project.  I was a bit skeptical but seeing class photos from other sessions convinced me this must be true.  Belinda was free that night so she signed up as well.  I have to say I had an absolute blast and have already signed up for my next class (so has Belinda).  When you go in you grab an apron and put it on, then proceed to put your paint on the little square cardboards they give you along with your brushes.  They have easels with canvas set up and you go stake out your spot and get set to paint.  You can see how different our completed paintings are (mine is on the right in the photo).  It was amazing to see how many different interpretations there were of this one project.  

It definitely was a learning experience this first class and will have a better idea what to do next time to make my painting turn out better.  The class moves along pretty quickly and each layer of paint has to dry before adding the next layer.  In other words paint faster to allow more drying time.  I also ended up with bigger hearts as I couldn't get my smaller hearts to look right in my opinion.  I decided to take a larger brush and paint over the smaller hearts.  I kind of like the larger hearts.  Another case of turning lemons into lemonade.  Besides you all know I like to be unique.  I'm not a big fan of copycat.  I realized by the time I was done that I probably had too much paint on my brush but by then it was too late to cover my canvas in red and start all over - sigh.  Did I mention the "social" part - you can buy beer, wine, water to drink while painting and while the paint is drying you have time to get up and visit with others?!

 I received a phone call from the framer yesterday with my latest piece ready for pick up.  This is Christmas Tree by Primitive Hare.  The frame is just perfect for the piece and gives it the look I was going for.  

Date night is tomorrow night and am looking forward to seeing the new comedy Identity Theft.  I guess I better get busy and get my work done so I can enjoy my night out with hubby.

By the way - Keith claimed my painting and it is now in his room.  Maybe I'll get the next one!

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  1. What a lovely time you have had this week!
    Girl's day out looked like a load of fun. We have a Ben Franklin about an hour north. I get there twice a year (when headed to retreats). Time really gets away from me there.

    Have a great date night!


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