Monday, February 25, 2013

Cooties - A Good Word For It!

I wish I had some great photos to show of all I have accomplished over the weekend but trust me wadded up kleenex is not that exciting.  I have decided, however, to put in photos of making my homemade egg noodles.  Teresa (At Willow Tree Pond) asked how I made them and I'm afraid I've been a bit slow in putting up the recipe.

The word chosen by a new visitor to my blog (quiltin cntrygrl) best describes what I have COOTIES!  I'm afraid my little irritating sinus drainage cough turned into a full blown my head is ready to explode cold overnight Saturday to Sunday.  I can't remember the last time my head was so "stuffy" that it feels more like concrete in my sinuses.  I've spent the last 3 nights sitting on my couch instead of sleeping trying to keep my passages a little clear and the cough at bay.  It is like all the times I've nursed my son and husband through the viral stuff this flu season and not gotten sick was so I could save it all up for one miserable cold.  I'm hoping the guys don't get it again from me which will be a miracle as I do the cooking, cleaning, etc.  To that end I spent my day yesterday laundering all the sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc.  Once I got both guys out of the house for the day I've turned the heat way down and opened windows in every room of the house and sprayed the Lysol.  If the cold doesn't kill the germs, maybe they will blow out of the house.  Whatever it takes to keep from passing it on to the guys as they have suffered enough already this flu season.

Homemade Egg Noodles

You will need eggs, flour, salt.  Mixing bowl, fork, rolling pin, waxed paper, newspaper.

The first thing I do is getting my rolling surface ready to go.  I spread newspaper out on my island and then top with waxed paper.

I crack 2 eggs and put in my bowl.   Add 1/4 tsp. of salt and then beat the eggs with a fork.  DON'T SKIP THE PINCH OF SALT!  I then add enough flour to make the dough a good consistency for rolling (I would say 2 cups).   Once the dough is mixed flour your waxed paper surface and then put your dough on surface and knead until elastic and ready for rolling - you don't want a sticky dough so add flour until a good consistency for rolling during this kneading process.  Very important to keep flouring your surface so your dough doesn't stick as you would for pastry dough.  Roll out your dough to the desired thickness you want 1/8" to 1/4".  Let your dough dry slightly at this point.  Once your dough has dried you can choose one of two methods for cutting your noodles.  Method one is to roll up dough into a long tube (like when you roll up dough for cinnamon rolls) and starting cutting 1/4 inch strips.  This method will give you long noodles.  The other method is to cut into rectangular strips about 1/2 inch wide by whatever length and stack them on top of one another.  You will again cut 1/4 inch strips but will have a much shorter noodle.  I again let dry until ready to cook.  To cook I drop by the handful into boiling broth of your choice and then turn heat down to simmer for 20-30 minutes.  Adding cooked diced chicken, turkey, beef just makes it better.

At least my Cooties had the decency to wait until date night was over to attack me.  Enjoyed a lovely evening out with Bill.  We had a nice dinner at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse.  We had time for a quick trip through the book store and to buy Starbucks drinks before heading into the movie Silver Linings Playbook.  I really wasn't sure what to expect of the movie as I've had not heard much about it but found it to be a very good movie.  Bill and I find we tend to enjoy the movies more if we've not heard much about them.  On the times we've heard how awesome they are we end up being disappointed as they never live up to the "hype" we've heard.  We were both very surprised at how packed it was at the theater.  Honestly the movie has been out for quite some time and thought there would only be a handful of people there.  By the time the movie started people were taking seats in the front row as that was all that was left.  Unfortunately for me, I again got to sit next to the couple who talked through the entire movie.  Grrrrr!

I have decided that I'm not leaving the house today in hopes of just resting.  I do think, however, I will listen to the audiobook for the book I must lead the discussion on in less than 2 weeks and pick up needle to put thread to fabric.  Hopefully I will have some progress to show very soon!

Have a great day!

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