Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Heard The Gasp!

Okay, let me just say I have been taking care of my son sick with a miserable cold since Wednesday and maybe you'll forgive what I did last night.  I decided to pick up some stitching last night after Keith finally settled down into bed.  It was probably a mistake (at least picking up this particular piece of stitching) but I needed a little "me" time so pick it up I did.  I was having trouble getting comfortable to stitch....pattern kept falling off the arm of the chair.  I kept losing my place where I was stitching on the pattern.  Can I just say .... I HATE COLORED PATTERNS!!!!!!!  If I would have known the pattern was in color, never would have bought it - NEVER!  EVER!  Frustration got the better of me and so I did the only thing I could do to save my sanity.....took my scissors to it.  I heard the GASP with the first snip...but cut the darned thing up anyway.  The pattern is now in small manageable pieces that will not keep falling off the arm of my chair.  In fact my magnetic needle minder (thank you Teresa) will hold it in place so it GOES NOWHERE!  I heaved a great sigh of relief once the cutting was done and managed to enjoy stitching an entire flower fairly quickly.

I also started stitching this little freebie by Primitive Hare (Valentine).  It will be a fast little stitch and am thinking to just make it up into a little pillow to display in my wooden dough bowl.  I've also finished a couple more of the monogramed scissor fobs and a couple of crocheted items but as these were made for others to give as gifts I can't share pictures until gifted - sigh!

I am currently listening to the audiobook Blackout by Connie Willis. For those who are thinking didn't you already read this - the answer is yes.  Unfortunately, I recommended to my book club and it was chosen for March's read which means I have to lead the discussion.  Thought it would be faster to listen to the audiobook.  I'm finding it so very enjoyable to listen to.  Takes place in England during the Blitz and it is nice to know the correction pronunciation of the names and places.  Sometimes have to laugh at how I thought it was pronounced and then to hear the correct pronunciation.  I'm disappointed that I've been unable to find a Reading Group Guide for this book but will do my best without it.

Tonight is date night and as Keith is doing much better we get to go out.  After several days of nursing the sick I'm ready for a supper I didn't cook as well as sitting through an entire movie without interruption.  Since last week was cancelled will be seeing Identity Thief this weekend and if the times work out a second movie.  Will have to get back to you on that one.


  1. I didn't gasp too loud!
    I'm with you on colored patterns. Seems like my brain has adjusted to black/white and relying on symbols.

    Another hard one to read is handwritten patterns. Some of the old Scarlet Letter patterns are SO hard for me to read. Oh, my :(

    I borrowed Blackout from the library and couldn't get past the college kids at the beginning. (I also watched the first Twilight movie with my daughter and told her to fast-forward thru any teenage sex scenes as I would probably upchuck :)

    1. Funny, Teresa, I forgot the main characters in Blakcout are actually college students. I will admit on the first read the first 75 pages were slow for me but then I really got into the story of the bombings, the children evacuated to the country manors and the rescuing of soldiers at Dulwich. I'm finding reading it a second time and after reading the second half of the book titled All Clear I'm picking up on little things I didn't catch the first time around. Never did get into the Twilight Saga thing. Have not read books - did see the first movie and I think the second but just didn't get into this series. I agree with you on the handwritten patterns as well. I see some really cute designs at the Planned Parenthood Book Sale but pass on them when I see handwritten patterns.


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