Monday, February 18, 2013

It All Started With One Gift!

My newest project to try started with this one little gift I received from my friend, Allison for Christmas.   While on a business trip she happened upon a shop where someone made bowls out of vintage hankies.  Well, me being me I figured there had to be a way to recreate this for myself.  I will tell you I was not brave enough to use one of my vintage hankies just yet.

First attempt on left - second on right
Instead I found some unclear instructions for making a round bowl so pulled out some fabric to give it a go.  My first hurdle - figuring out how to adhere the double sided fusible to the "left" side.  I will admit to being a bit slow when I started this project and then the light bulb went off that "left" side was the same as "wrong" side. It seemed like it could only go up from there.  I managed to make all my markings, cut outs and started my zigzag sewing.  It really was going pretty well right up until I started zigzagging my cut outs together.  It was a little tricky there but by the last seam up the side of the bowl (there were 8) I had figured out how to manhandle maneuver the fabric to get a nicer seam.  Whew!

As always, my first attempt is my test project and I make adjustments based on my disasters difficulties. I did go ahead and make a second bowl and am so much happier with the results.  I cut the size down a bit and my cut outs came together so much nicer.  The cool thing is the bowl is reversible.
Onward to vintage hankies!

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