Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Wished For It!

Everybody keeps telling me to be careful for what I wish for -- well I wished for snow and we are expecting to get it tomorrow but good.  The picture on the left is out my back window today and I expect the picture on the right will be my view tomorrow after 8+ inches of snow.  In all honesty the amount doesn't seem quite so bad when you consider SW of us will be getting 16 to 20 inches!  I think the worst part of this storm will be the blinding snow when it comes down 1-2 inches in an hour.  It will make for terrible driving conditions.   We have made the decision to keep Keith home tomorrow.    I'm sure he won't mind a day home with mom.

I dropped Belinda's birthday gift off yesterday and am so disappointed that I did not remember to snap a photo of the scissor fob I made for her.  I did not get a photo of the fabric bowl I made either.  I will say the fob looks just like mine only I stitched the letter "B" in the center.  Her fabric bowl looks like the small one on the right in the picture.  I used 2 fat quarters and made 3 bowls.  They are reversible so she can display it with whichever fabric she wants on the outside.  The fob on the right is one I made for someone else to give as a gift.  You will notice on this one I thought to put a heart charm between the clasp and the chain.  I really like the look of this and think I will add one to mine.
I had a nice laugh when my son came home after I made the fabric bowls.  I had the larger one sitting on the dining room table and he immediately looked at it and thought "hat".  It did fit perfectly on him for a hat.  My son really does "think out of the box" just like his mother.  How many times I've seen an item and thought I would use it for other than its' intended use.  

Last night I finished this little freebie by Isabella at The Primitive Hare.  I was a very quick stitch once I sat down for some serious stitching.  I've decided to start Isabella's latest design called Red Riding Hood.  I have my fabric and threads all set to go.  I know I should be working on Birds of a Feather by With Thy Needle but the colored pattern is seriously driving me crazy and I can only take working on it in short bursts.  

I'm afraid last night before going to bed I noticed myself with a bit of a sore throat.  It is still with me today but am praying it doesn't get any worse than a wee sore throat.  I don't know what it is about feeling like I'm coming down with something but I get a sudden burst of "have to get everything done and right now" when I probably should be resting.  I've planned meals for the next several days and shopped for them, gone out purchasing things on the list "of when you get a chance could you get" and I've gotten every piece of laundry in the house caught up.  I've also started tidying things up around the house and putting things in their proper places.  I even topped off the gas tank in the Jeep as I like a full tank at the start of any storm or illness.  Believe me I've had a few emergency trips to the hospitals in the middle of the night over the years and there is nothing worse than having a tank with less than a 1/4 of gas in it.

I'm a bit proud of myself this week as I managed some success on another of my 2013 goals.  I've managed to grow my nails out long enough that I splurged and bought nail polish to polish them.  You guessed it when nervous/stressed I tend to be a nail biter.

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