Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Little of This a Little of That!

It is hard to believe but we are expecting snow again today.  Forecast calls for 2" to 4" in the Metro.  Once again I've helped my husband carry the snowblower back out of storage just in case we need it.  I was more inclined to leave it in storage as it is 40 degrees out and can't think we will get anything but rain.  Imagine we are expecting a drastic drop in temperatures if we are to get snow.  Brrrrrr!  In light of the expected snow I decided to bring a bit of Spring into the house via my local florist.  The colors are so bright and cheery.
I did find some time to stitch on Wednesday night and am moving right along on this Mirabilia piece.  I'm planning some serious stitching for the rest of today.  Let's just hope my plans come to fruition.

After Keith and I went to the coffee shop we made a run into the LNS.  I was on the hunt for a red thread that would go with the fabric I had along with a green that would compliment the red.  As luck would have it, I got the last 3 skeins of Limited Edition Sampler Threads in Rustic Cottage and Stormy Ocean.  I can't wait to start the Isabelle Vautier design intended for this fabric.  In fact I think I will be making a start on it this evening.  They also had a piece of 25 count Dense Fog there for me and couldn't wait to add this piece of fabric to my stash.  I already have a project picked out for half of the fat quarter.  Leaves me enough to do a second project.  Woohoo!

Date night ended up being Friday night instead of tonight to allow our Respite Provider to attend a family Easter celebration.  Probably was a blessing in disguise since it is supposed to start snowing early evening.  Bill and I enjoyed supper out and then went to the movie Admission.  I had heard nothing about this movie and since it opened last night I had heard no reviews from anyone.  I enjoyed it more than Bill but we both liked it.  There was enough humor and a good story.  We really had a wonderfully relaxing evening.  I rented  This is 40 to watch tonight.  A great way to spend a snowy night - a bowl of popcorn, a funny movie and being with the ones you love!

Trying to come up with a book to recommend at May's book club meeting when we select our books for next year's discussions.  To that end I picked up a book call Quiet - The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking (Susan Cain) as well as The Power of Habits (Charles Duhigg).  I'm going to read them as they might really encourage a good discussion.  I know Psychology books are not usually the genre I recommend but I find both of these topics interesting so thought I would give them a read.

Just a heads up the Planned Parenthood Book Sale is coming up in April.  It is a pretty good source for older cross-stitch patterns and magazines so if there is something in particular you've been looking for and want me to add it to my list (I already have Easter Parade BBD for a follower and I'm looking for Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Nov/Dec 1994 for myself).  I do pick up anything by BBD, BOF, LaDDa and Prairie Schooler whether I need them or not as I've found homes for all of those in the past.

I received notification today that this June is my 35th high school reunion.  It does not seem possible that it has been that long since I graduated high school.  To date I have not attended any of the reunions.  For the first 25 years I was living out in Idaho and Washington State and the reunions fell in the year we visited my husband's family in California.  While he was active duty in the Air Force we adopted the vacation schedule of alternate years in Iowa and California to visit our family on both sides.    It worked out well for us but all my reunions fell on the California years.  There has been one reunion since we moved back here but we had something else going on and I didn't get to that one either.  Don't hold your breath that I will get to this one either - LOL! 

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  1. The fabric you picked up looks yummy and flowers very pretty - enjoy wants left of your weekend.


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