Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter Vignette

Amazing how when you start to feel better after being sick and get the house all cleaned and disinfected you feel well enough to do a few "fun"things.  Today I got out the few little Easter bunnies my mom made in ceramics for me and created this little vignette.  I took a glass vase from the dollar store, added some burlap ribbon, a flower magnet my friend, Allison, tucked into a box for me a couple of years ago and filled it with these neutral matte colored eggs I found.  I do wish I had a few more Easter/Spring ceramics of my mom's so I truly treasure the ones I do have that she made.
It was a very exciting day here yesterday as UPS delivered the new snowblower my husband bought.  Now that I won't have to do it the old fashioned way with shovel and back breaking work we probably won't get any more snow this winter.  To that end we are expecting rain and temps in the upper 40's the rest of the week - wouldn't you know.
Okay I'm going to admit purchasing some new "old" designs today.  I stopped in at my LNS (Stitch n Frame) this afternoon on the quest for fabric and came out with this wonderful baby sampler chart.  I call it a new "old" chart as this designer was very popular in the 90's.  The design company is called Temple Treasures and I love that her designs are pretty simple, show many options for ways the design can be stitched, and are easily adaptable to any color scheme you would want to use. I will admit to purchasing a couple of traditional Christmas designs which are the kind my family loves, a patriotic piece and a welcome with sayings that you can stitch in several different ways.  Her line of designs are not carried by anyone so my LNS orders directly from her and keeps her designs on hand.  The other plus is the price.  Her designs run $4.50 to $5.00 which is an amazing price compared to designs today.    I truly feel my LNS is a treasure chest full of different, out of print and hard to find designs.  My niece is having her second baby so am feeling the need to get her first born's baby sampler started and really appreciate that my LNS has many options to chose from in the store and most likely mine won't be what everyone else is stitching.  

While in there I also picked Vicki's brain for ideas on finishing my "queen bee" from Prairie Schooler.  I received some comments from some of my blogger friends with suggestions.  I too had thought of making into a necklace/brooch but cannot find a large enough pendant to put it in.  It seems I'm going to have the same problem with a key chain as even the rectangle is not large enough.  Thankfully I've put Vicki on the job and she is going to see what she can find that we can make it into something.  She actually suggested making a needle book which is what I may end up doing with this one.  I did pick up the smaller count fabric to stitch it up again in a smaller size hopefully  more appropriate for a scissor fob.

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