Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Done!

I have a small finish to share.  This is the 2013 Prairie Schooler freebie sent out with their new releases. When I was given it by a friend as she didn't want it, I couldn't wait to stitch it.  It only took 24 hours start to finish.  Two things made it a little slow going 1) being stitched on black and 2) I had to take out the right side 3 times before I got it right (again the black fabric).  I had a piece of 28 count Jobelan in black in my stash so used it rather than the called for 18 count.  The finished size is 3" H and 2 1/2 " W.  I used DMC Blanc, 503, 732 and 834 for my threads.  Even though the black fabric was a pain to stitch on the colors on the fabric is stunning.   Now I'm trying to decide how to finish.  I'm thinking to put it into an acrylic key chain.

Now on to my WIP.


  1. Love the turquoise and gold colors. Love the crown and bee. It would be beautiful as the front of a needlebook or a scissor fob too.
    I know the black was a pain but it looks fantastic! Isn't that always the way? The bigger the pain, the better the results!

  2. I see it finished as a broach in a silver old fashioned piece. It's beautiful.

  3. Hi Lorrie, its been a while since I've been reading blogs or blogging myself, been caught up with Chinese New Year celebrations - why is it everyting you stitch I must have? I think its because our tastes are very similiar - I think your key chain idea is perfect - its a queen bee right? Missed reading your blog - big hug, Amanda


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