Thursday, March 28, 2013

Done Early!

 I got a call from my LNS late yesterday afternoon and was pleased to hear that Easter Parade (BBD) was framed and ready for pick up.  It was so nice of them to put in the extra time to get in done in case I wanted it for Easter.  The picture on the right gives a more true representation of the colors in the piece.  You would not believe how many pinks I had to buy to get the right one!   
Update on my Isabelle Vautier piece.  I'm almost to the halfway point on the project.  I can't believe how fast it is stitching up.  Just a fun stitch!

It has been a busy day of errands but relaxing at the same time.  Started off with my Jeep in for maintenance and a repair.  Expected to be there most of the morning but was out of there in an hour.  Unheard of considering it was an oil change, tire rotation and a repair.  Unfortunately, the bezel that had "popped" out would not stay in when popped back in.  A new bezel has been ordered so I will be back there probably the first of next week.  Then off to another car dealership to pick up a part Bill ordered.  I was then headed across town to my LNS to picked up the framed piece but had to find things to do until their shop opened.  Wouldn't you know on the day where you have time in between places is the day everyone gets done quickly and I hit every light green across town except 1.  I'm betting that won't happen tonight when I go pick up Bill across town.
Earned some "good wife" points today.  This little socket was lost to my hubby a week or so ago while working on the car in the garage.  He had looked all over but could not locate it.  Well, my friends there is nothing I enjoy more than a challenge.  If it can be found, I will most likely locate it.  In the search for a cross-stitch pattern it took me 2 years but I located it not only once but twice within a matter of weeks.  Off to the garage I went today to have a look and wasn't out there but 2 minutes and found it.  I knew my husband had looked all over on the floor so didn't even bother there.  He said he looked in the toolbox drawer he had open so passed over that one as well.  Wondered if the toolbox on the floor had been open so popped open the lid and had a look there first - no socket.  My eye wandered to the left of me to the bottom of his tool chest on wheels.  Big cabinet at the bottom was open and is always open so the first place I looked was in the box holding the sabre saw and right there on top of the cord to said saw it was.  Not sure if hubby looked there but if he did the socket is the same color as the cord so he probably glossed right over it.  Me being me I ran my fingers along the top of the cord and felt it.  Finding a lost item always gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

Almost forgot I won a giveaway yesterday from By The Bay Needlearts.  I won the pattern for the 16th Century Ladies Pocket - wool design.  It looks like a fun little project.  She also posted a picture of her progress on #6 "Birds of Funky Feather".  The colors are wonderfully red.

 Part 3 of Blue Ribbon Designs Blue Jeans and Daisies Mystery Sampler has been shipped to your favorite LNS.  This is the last part of the mystery sampler and contains the answer to the Springtime Jumble to open the Mystery Bonus design on her webpage.  It is an adorable box filled with needlework smalls.

Lastly I have to say I splurged over the weekend and ordered a set of millennium scroll rods.  I'm going to blame Teresa (AtWillowTreePond) for this as she was telling me about them.  I had never heard of them so decided to do a search.  Once I located them there was a video to watch.  After watching video a couple of times I decided I wanted a set.  I only have one set of the scroll rods where you baste your fabric to the canvas on the scroll rod and just love this set.  All the others I've tried just do not hold your fabric taut.  This millennium set looks like it will do the job quite nicely.  They are coming all the way from England so will have to be patient.

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  1. I really do love this easter bunny and the frame is pretty too - Congratulations on your win - happy easter :)


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