Wednesday, April 3, 2013

House is De-Bunnied!

It has been a busy week since last post and finally today am getting around to playing catch up on a few things as well as taking time to de-bunny the house from Easter.  I pretty much put my coffee table vignette as it was except I added a different cross stitch piece I stitched years ago.  Just like when I take down all the Christmas, things look a little bare at the moment.  It won't take long through before it will look normal again.
I saw this little spool magnetic needle minder somewhere a couple of weeks ago and decided to order one for myself.  I think it is just adorable and a girl just can't have too many - need one by every chair that you might stitch in. 
Making great progress on the Isabelle Vautier piece.  I've been avoiding the backstitching in the wings of the fairies thinking it would take forever.  Imagine my surprise at how quickly it went and now can't wait to get back to backstitching this evening.

Enjoyed a wonderful "date night" on Saturday evening.  Went to see Olympus Has Fallen.  Granted it is a little farfetched that it could actually happen but nonetheless was a good action flick.  Hubby and I both enjoyed it.  Next date night BON JOVI CONCERT!  They are coming to town on the 14th and on a whim hubby asked what I thought about going.  Didn't think we could but checked with respite provider to see if she could do a Sunday night instead of our usual Saturday and she said no problem.  Sent hubby a text and by lunchtime we had tickets and lucky us they had a couple of very good seats open up so we are in a good spot.  I've always wanted to go see Bon Jovi in concert and can't believe I actually get to go.

We've both been taking turns on work done to the cars.  I still have one more appointment (at least I hope) as the bezel arrived today.  Hopefully this fixes the problem and we don't have to get into the bumper.
Yesterday after I dropped my dad off at his house I was driving by the house of my mom's best friend who also still lives in the neighborhood I grew up in and as her hubby was out I decided to stop in to say hello and I am SO GLAD I did.  What a welcome to have him announce you as "one of your kids has stopped by".  I've known them since I was 7 years old and they truly are family.  The first thing she says to me is that she is so happy I stopped by as she had something for me.  She was in a cupboard and came across the Nancy Drew book and Bobbsey Twins book and knew they were mine as my name, address and phone number were written in the cover.  It appears the books I loaned to her daughter didn't make it back until yesterday.  It only took 40 years.  We chatted - we caught up - we reminisced - we laughed - we cried.  I left with my tank filled with love and joy and was so happy I took the time to stop.

On Sunday night I finished the last page of In The Garden of the Beast by Erik Larson.  I usually love his books but felt this one was not as good as his others.  Really struggled to get through it.  It read to me more like a text book rather than a fiction book.  

I also just finished A Secret Kept by Tatiana De Rosnay.  I really enjoyed this book.  It surprised me with the unexpected a couple of times in the book and that is pretty hard to do which is part of the reason I enjoyed it so much.  I am now going to finish the Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani and pick up something else to start.  

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  1. Love your Isabelle Vautier piece! Stitching the wing on that fairy really brings out the magic!

    Wow, Bon Jovi concert! Exciting!

    That is an awesome story about seeing your friends and getting those childhood books. Your mom was smiling.



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