Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It has come to my attention that I did not make it clear where I purchased these neutral colored matte finish eggs.  I bought them at Hobby Lobby and they come so nicely packaged.  The cost is $7.99 a package but they are in the speciality Easter rows and have been on sale for 40% off for at least two weeks.  When I stopped in at another location of Hobby Lobby, they had one of last season's rabbits left that are made out of wood.  I thought it just adorable and it is larger than the other two I have so couldn't resist picking it up.  
I moving right along on Jardine Prive' Ronde de Fleurs.  I am looking to a tonight finish (might be wishful thinking) but no later than tomorrow night.  I can't wait to have it mounted in the box and on display in my home.

Tonight it was stuffed jumbo pasta shells for supper.  Recipe is posted under the Recipe tab.

Started reading In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson.  I downloaded it on my Kindle when it first came out but could not get interested in the story.  It happens to be our book club selection for April so I'm willing myself to get it done within a week.  If I don't force myself to read it each and every day, I'm afraid I won't have it finished in time for book club.  It is another WW II book.  It is funny how we seem to have themes some years quite by accident.  We all laughed at the year it seemed to be elephants, then another it was dogs, this year WW II.

Looking forward to paint class tomorrow with my dear friend, Belinda.  Can't wait to share a photo of our "masterpieces".  

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