Saturday, May 18, 2013

Closing In On A Finish

 I want to take a moment to welcome a new follower to my blog, Mary.  It is always wonderful to hear from another in our "stitcher sisterhood".  I never thought when I started my blog to do anything more than to share my stitching, recipes and life to stay in touch with family and friends throughout the World.  The added benefit has been meeting and sharing with so many other women of like interests around the World.

I'm closing in on a finish of Be Thankful by County Cottage Needleworks.  I've changed the color on the flowers in the top border from the bright orange in the 1st picture to a more subtle color in the bottom picture.  I just felt the intensity of color of my first choice just didn't look right so went to my LNS and chose a color better suited to the other colors.  I think the bottom picture gives a truer version of the colors of fabric and threads.  I'm much happier with the piece now and can't wait to put the last stitch in and leave it with the framer.  I have already picked the frame for it and will snap a picture of the corner piece when I leave it to be framed.

I've already picked out my next project to start and it is Little House Needleworks - Sarah Street - Faithfulness.  I have to again thank my dear friend,  Harriet for the pattern.  She stitched it up and so graciously passed it on to me knowing I wanted to stitch it.  I've changed a few colors in the piece and am using an oops fabric from a friend who dyes fabrics.  I like my oops fabrics so my piece is just a bit different from all the others out there.  Here is my fabric and threads all ready to go.  The fabric has pretty light base and it has a subtle spring green running through it.  I'll have to try for a better photo but the threads look amazing on it.  Below picture are my thread selections.

Called For                                                                     Lorrie's Choice

Toasted Marshmallow - CC                                          DMC 4160
Clay Pot - CC                                                                WDW Aztec Red
Cobbled Peach - CC                                                     DMC 3779
Hickory Sticks - CC                                                     DMC 4000
Sea Shelley - CC                                                          CC - Sea Shelley
Whatley Woodlands - CC                                            CC - Whatley Woodlands
Wild Berries - CC                                                        CC - Wild Berries
Sage - WDW                                                                WDW - Sage
Moss - WDW                                                               WDW - Moss
Maple Syrup - GAT                                                     WDW - Cocoa

I had my ultrasound done this past Tuesday and everything came back normal - no fibroids, tumors.  It is good news.  Still doesn't resolve my issue so have been referred to a GYN and will see if there is anything to be done.  Up side is that taking my iron supplement 2x a day I'm starting to see my energy level increase.  Didn't realize how utterly rundown and tired I was until I started having more energy as it was such a gradual process.  You will laugh as I absolutely hate doing housework but I was overjoyed on Thursday to have enough energy to clean my house from top to bottom.  I never thought I would enjoy doing housework but loved every single second of it on Thursday.  Even though I hate housework there is nothing I enjoy more than relaxing in a clean house so I do it anyway.

I have to share my hubby's latest amazing find.  You know you see things on tv and you wonder if they are as good as they advertise - usually not.  However, in this instance I have to say it is fabulous.  This little thing is called a pocket hose and hubby found it at our local home center.  He put a "y" on the faucet and the regular hose is on one side and the pocket hose on the other.  When you turn the water on, this hose fills up and extends into a long hose perfect for watering our flowers.  Added bonus is that it is so lightweight and easy to move around.  Once done turn off the water leaving nozzle open for water to drain out and it shrinks back up to fit in this small flower pot.  Watering just became a whole lot more fun and easy.

It is getting close to time to enter my stitched pieces in the Iowa State Fair which I always enjoy.  This year I am again going to enter in the Photography competition.  It is much harder to get something  picked to be exhibited in the photo salon as there are thousands of entries.  This year I've 2 or 3 photos I'm thinking to enter.  Again this is definitely out of my comfort zone as I'm very amateur in this field but you never know so why not take a chance.

Don't forget to go to A Stitcher's Snippets Cooking as I've shared my favorite marinade recipe for chicken and beef.


  1. Lorrie- I was thinking of getting my husband that pocket hose for his birthday next month. He loves new gadgets for outside. Now I will!

  2. Thank you for your sweet welcome, Lorrie. It's so nice to connect with all of our stitching friends in blog land, making new friends and treasuring our faithful followers.

    I enjoy your blog and your stitching is beautiful.

    Thanks for the info about the hose. I have seen these and wondered if they "really worked." Half of the struggle with watering the garden and yard is dealing with the heavy, kinked hose.

    Happy Stitching!

  3. Be Thankful is such a lovely piece. It will soon be finished, I guess. And what you are planning to stitch next is just as pretty. So many wonderful stitching hours ahead.


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